Vesical Cateterizao

The 4 factors of risk for hospital Infection involve: 7 – Time of permanence in the UTI superior the 48 hours; – Ventilation invasive mechanics; – Disgnostic of trauma; – Vesical Cateterizao, of central vein, pulmonary artery; – Presence of Prophylaxis of ulcer of stress. The biggest taxes of hospital infection are observed in patients in the extremities of the age and the services of oncologia, surgery and intensive therapy. In the last decade microorganisms gram-positives, in special the Staphylococcus aureus, had emerged as important .causing agents of infection of the sanguine chain. These infections acometem patient in all the etrias bands, more frequently in the age extremities and present worse prognostic in patients with age above of 50 years. 12 The nursing team is the group most numerous and that bigger time is in contact with the sick person interned in hospitals. The nature of its work, that includes the installment of physical cares and the execution of disgnostic and therapeutical procedures, becomes it a basic element in the actions of prevention, detention and control of the hospital infection.

Although the formation of the nurses includes contents that surround this problematic one, the same not if of the one with the excessively professional ones of nursing, as technician and the nurse aid that, under the supervision of the nurse, its activities exert, being in charge of this, the monitoring on the hospital infections. In the universe of concerns of the nurse whom it co-ordinates the nursing assistance is gifts some relative fidgets to the work processes: to teach, to search, to manage and to attend in nursing. The complexity and interlocution of these processes defy the capacity of the nurse in diagnosising and considering efficient interventions of nursing. Its perception highly is demanded, as well as its ability in prioritizing problems and implementing action. 11 Existe concern, on the part of the nursing team, with the risk of infection the one that is citizens the patients interned in UTI.

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