Treatment Of Gout In Israel

The name comes from the Greek, which means' leg, got into a trap. " This disharmony in the body, problems caused by high concentrations of uric ksloty. The disease is more common in U.S. than in Russia. As manifested – The feeling chills and fever, the whole body shakes. Joints swell up and not moving. The skin on them becomes red and hot, as compared with the whole body.

Total body temperature increases for no apparent reason. And of course the sharp pain, occurs at night and without the timely assistance of doctors are able to continue for several weeks. Causes of gout can be several. Basically it is an injury, pluchennye at an early age, which we ignored. Infection, obtained as in eating places, and in hospitals. Unfortunately, the number of hospitals capable of providing a high level of disinfection is low. Oddly enough, nervous tension, too plays an important role in the formation of the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment: Delay in diagnosis or God forbid the wrong diagnosis can lead to erosion of the joints and the total strain. That is why we recommend treatment Israel. High level of diagnostics has long been recognized as the world community. One of the main priorities of the State of Israel is healthy, and therefore the level of medicine there is very high. Prices for treatment are not higher Russian, and service quality as the most expensive private clinics in the world. Readily available middle-class population of the former Soviet Union. It applies the latest methods of examination as gout and other diseases. The whole process of treatment is accompanied by a personal escort interpreter, compiling documents, the selection of hotels and leading specialists in various fields

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