The Outburst

It is certain that humor is repeated, but is certain that the life in itself is repeated, oxygen also is repeated, the sky and the sea is always equal. Generally their subjects are the same ones, but in the life the subjects are the same. The policy is its favorite adversary ( it is this coincidence? she will be also an adversary of the life); but she is that if not outside by the armor of seriousness that likes to dress and by the airs that forzozamente assume, the politicians would be the best humorists although he does not lack who are convinced of that affirmation. Sex also is repeated like vital subject of humor, but the man always has tended to make fun of than it does not know, than it does not understand or than one feels incapable. In same it, the mouth and the brain compensate pleasantly what other organs do not reach to culminate in satisfactory form. The human cartoon and the mockery of the characters also were accustomed. The ridicule and the exaggeration of the physical and emotional characteristics allow the man to make fun of of their same types and itself.

It is a subtle form to express revolt and dissatisfaction by the great human imperfection, at the same time as it inclines to surpass itself with his own means to itself and to reach optimal levels of accomplishment, at the same time as one goes pleasant awhile. In any case humor arrived to remain. It is the last vestige of the small-man-true-human that there is within each of us (Good, of the majority). It is the last reason to rejoice with intelligence, to have hope, to justify the tolerance. By him we aspired to live in a world that it respects to us and it tries to us seriously. It is the passport to the true importance of spirit, when going beyond the reasons, when being more here of the happiness.

The outburst of laughter justifies humor, demands it to the life. We did not resign ourselves to be without him. We demand the precise irony, the perfect and opportune sarcasm. We surprise the fine commentary before the impertinent one of turn, the intelligent exit before the tyrant who tries to asphyxiate to us. We prefer the laughter to the ulcer, the applause to the chains, the rejoicing of the spirit to the impositions of the fools, the salt of the life to the starch of the soul. Original author and source of the article.

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