The Environment

In thesis, this functions very well for any material damage (or that it can be valorar, as in the case, the price of the cans of inks that will be used to remodel the painting of the house). Let us assume now, that instead of ruining the painting of the house, same smoke develops a respiratory illness in the son of the family who inhabits there. How that the company would internalizaria this factor? Paying to doctors and remedies for the child? as is the quality of life of that family? This is one of my critical strongest ones at the outset, therefore in my opinion, certain things cannot be defrayed of form some. Bringing for the ambient side and leaving the social side of side, if this same pollution had caused the extinguishing of a species of trees. The plantation of other changes in the place would be the sufficient ruins to cover it caused for the pollution? What I want to show making these questions is that necessary to be clearly the difference it enters a physical damage (social as in such a way ambient) and a pain and suffering, and more clearly still, that for many people do not have money that she obtains to pay a pain and suffering. PEREIRA7 backwards a question well interesting associate to this point. According to them, the ambient quality if bases on two vectors of protection, the protection of the life human being and the protection of the proper environment. However, in the end this an anthropocentric thought, therefore theoretically only we protect the environment and biodiversity because in the deep one we know that they are who make the maintenance of the balance of the ecosystem in which we insert in them. A point key of this principle is the economic power, that is, it moves with the profits of the polluting agent.

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