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Tips for Presenting

Feel safe to present winning the personal appearance is critical to the success of a presentation or a lecture. Who knows how voice and articulation to focus and to signal presence and sovereignty, with the posture WINS sympathy and trust his audience and increases the persuasiveness of its contents. Therefore, exercises for breathing, the multifaceted and the expressiveness of the voice, as well as for an authentic winning body language are the most important elements of any good presentation workshops. But what to do if stage fright, lack of confidence or fear of the big disgrace sabotage the compelling broadcast? Acting quickly and profoundly mental techniques like BSFF (called also anti virus software for the brain) help here. With them it is possible to emotional and mental power to take to bring negative inner voices to silence and to fear-inducing previous experience on serenity, security and joy at the appearance programming. Feel safe, winning present”is the concept of the novel presentation workshops by actress/lecturer in speech training Manuela Reiser and mental trainer Gabriela Friedrich.

In other words: breathing, voice, body language and innovative, hypnosis-like mental training with the little-known method of BSFF. In the workshops, participants develop one authentic presentation I so they full of self-confidence present concepts, hold speeches, lectures or speeches, make sales calls or can conduct training. Unique here: Learn also the self-testing of BSFF in everyday working life. So are able to communicate very easily even with her unconscious and give him instructions, to resolve such as fear or inner pressure and inner peace to replace it, to replace inhibiting beliefs motivating or drop unloved habits. The next workshop dates: 14th and 15th September in Hamburg: strong woman,.

Life Success: Discover Your Mental Strength.

Mental power Institute organizes half-day mental training in Frankfurt and Munich to discover your mental power!”is the title of a three-hour short seminar, the Swiss specialist in mental training, as well as the formation of mental coaches and trainers mental performing power, Thalwil (CH), on 8 September in Frankfurt on the main and on the 1st of September in Munich. In the three-hour sessions, the participants learn how to properly assess situations and people using their intuition and decisions appropriate for you. Also them presents methods, how they can strengthen their willpower so that they achieve their goals. Another content focus is how to relax in stressful situations to speak at your fingertips and bring his conflicting feelings and emotions in balance. The participation in the seminars cost 30 euros. In October, a seminar in Stuttgart is also planned. For further information about seminars and further training as well as training of mental power found at. Contact mentally but also directly power in Germany (Institute of mental power, at the old Court 7, 69509 Morlenbach, Tel.: 06209 7 252 11, E-Mail:)..