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Slavic People

Origin of the Vedic Faith ancestral head of the Slavic communities are trying to make another religion, which is not much different from that of Christianity. But the essence of Native Faith – the knowledge of the universe through itself and the world, successfully concealed, and any knowledge that comes in from outside the community just ridiculed. People are forced to live on the missal and obryadnikam, but not at the call of his spirit. "Wise men" do not explain the essence of worship and do not give knowledge about the world order, but hostile to adjust to people who supposedly was the cause of all ills. While it is clear that the cause lies in ourselves and ourselves only affect our lives. Other chapters describe all of the Slavic movement scary stories about the constant attacks of the dark creatures that haunt the developing human beings. They also give a lot of truthful information about the past of the Slavic people and about the universe, but it is not negotiating until the end of the truth slightly distorting it and as cleverly diverting people from the truth. Their mission – to instill fear in people awakened. Even the staged death of some famous faces to strengthen the hatred of the Slavs to the invisible enemies, and make yourself good publicity stunt. I am writing this not to accuse those who are introducing these cunning schemes in the consciousness of the Slavic people – some of them do it unconsciously, and patriotic reasons.