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How to handle to equipment of sales multi generational? Problem: I am in charge of a group of sales very varied. We have people from the 25-58 years, some are veteran in the sales and a young group of nascent. What I can make to remove the best thing from each, to achieve the objectives and to maintain motivated them? This problem is a problem very common in the companies nowadays. For the end of the 2010, the Generation and (the generation of the millenium or those born between 1977-1997) will be many more than the Baby Boomers. The equipment of present sales they are made up of a diversity of generations that not only they mean challenges by the diversity of personalities and styles of work, but in its motivations and aspirations. This data testifies that the managers of sales must learn to communicate, to motivate and to retain to his equipment using different styles it stops to obtain the waited for results, where the managemental style of " one size fits all" no longer it works.

According to Jeanne Meister, cofounder of Future Workplace and Co author with Karie Willyerd of " The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop and Keep Tomorrow" s Employees Today (Harper, 2010). " We describe next five things that must consider to assume this New managemental challenge. Most important it is than you understand that the general balance sheet of the labor force is changing. Before in history one had never seen so many generations working together in the labor force. In a difficult economy the traditionalistic ones (been born before the 1946) stay working by more time in their uses. The Baby Boomers (been born between 1946- 1964) and the X&quot Generation; s (been born between 1965-1976) if they have reached not only it, they are in the search of managemental positions and more responsibility.


To never recognize everything what I make bad and to have a word of esteem with me. Therefore, it seems that both members of the pair must take brings back to consciousness of how they are taking this privacy, this life of a two, because of that way we can be able to obtain a change. The life in pair is of a two. And surely both they participate so that destructiveness is generated in that loving bond. The problem is that they arrive at therapy with a pile of offenses. Nevertheless, from my experience I can say, that yes that even one already arrived at a place of professional aid, speaks to us on those circumstances that definitively that even account with something of health, but have not known how to solve their circumstances.

Or that remains in the healthiest pair or no. for both it is to have made the decision to include/understand his so painful bond. By all means, that the psycotherapy, the factories, the self-help books are a guide very valuable to initiate a process of Recovery of the Confidence in the Love. Thanks to read my mission to me are the quality of emotional life and its impact in the social thing. Visit our site and suscrbete to the bulletin.

President Towns

Finally, the 23 of December, representatives of both countries interchanged in Washington the diplomatic notes, in which Costa Rica notified that he had fulfilled all the requirements. Of course, before this reality there are crossed opinions, like the one of the Nobel prize of La Paz. 1980, President the International SERPAJ-AL. Adolph letter Perez Esquivel, when sent to the president of the republic of Costa Rica Oscar Areas (also Nobel prize of La Paz, indicates to him in some of its lines: There are preoccupations that do to the situation to take to the country to the company/signature of the TLC with the United States of North America. As much you as the legislators know that those agreements of free commerce do not have absolutely anything; the dependency will be total, as you know well, the great powers are those that impose the prices and condition the life and development of the towns. It is necessary to remember and to remember the agricultural subsidies to the producers of the EE.UU., the asymmetry and inequality they are enormous, the benefit of will be at the cost of the hunger and misery of the Costa Rican town.

It is necessary to generate the spaces of participation and commercialization with the EE.UU., are important and necessary, but without losing the sovereignty and the right of the town. The company/signature of the TLC with the EE.UU would take to Costa Rica to transform itself into a North American colony; to add one more a estrellita to its flag. The failure of the EE.UU to implant at continental level in the 2005 TLC, is a clear and forceful sample that there are towns that do not waver that they resist to the strong pressures and that they have the anger to defend his rights. Against these challenges are possible to ask themselves that it loves the Costa Rican town. If a consultation to the town has taken place so that it can democratically decide on his present and its future? Permtame to say to him to Sir President; I am certainly the majority of the town of Costa Rica does not want to be colony and to lose its sovereign rights, its identity and values. We are against great challenges in our countries and the world. The dynamics and life of the towns are permanent and are necessary to look for the ways of integration with the Latin American towns.

To have own voice and possibilities of growth and integral development, as they are education, health, house and work in a free and sovereign State, with the use of the human rights from its integrity in the democratic construction. Mr. President takes my words as a shared in common contribution from a brother who wishes best for the town of Costa Rica and each Town of the Latin American continent or as we preferred many to call ABYA YALA, Continent of the fecund Earth.

The Outburst

It is certain that humor is repeated, but is certain that the life in itself is repeated, oxygen also is repeated, the sky and the sea is always equal. Generally their subjects are the same ones, but in the life the subjects are the same. The policy is its favorite adversary ( it is this coincidence? she will be also an adversary of the life); but she is that if not outside by the armor of seriousness that likes to dress and by the airs that forzozamente assume, the politicians would be the best humorists although he does not lack who are convinced of that affirmation. Sex also is repeated like vital subject of humor, but the man always has tended to make fun of than it does not know, than it does not understand or than one feels incapable. In same it, the mouth and the brain compensate pleasantly what other organs do not reach to culminate in satisfactory form. The human cartoon and the mockery of the characters also were accustomed. The ridicule and the exaggeration of the physical and emotional characteristics allow the man to make fun of of their same types and itself.

It is a subtle form to express revolt and dissatisfaction by the great human imperfection, at the same time as it inclines to surpass itself with his own means to itself and to reach optimal levels of accomplishment, at the same time as one goes pleasant awhile. In any case humor arrived to remain. It is the last vestige of the small-man-true-human that there is within each of us (Good, of the majority). It is the last reason to rejoice with intelligence, to have hope, to justify the tolerance. By him we aspired to live in a world that it respects to us and it tries to us seriously. It is the passport to the true importance of spirit, when going beyond the reasons, when being more here of the happiness.

The outburst of laughter justifies humor, demands it to the life. We did not resign ourselves to be without him. We demand the precise irony, the perfect and opportune sarcasm. We surprise the fine commentary before the impertinent one of turn, the intelligent exit before the tyrant who tries to asphyxiate to us. We prefer the laughter to the ulcer, the applause to the chains, the rejoicing of the spirit to the impositions of the fools, the salt of the life to the starch of the soul. Original author and source of the article.