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Aromatherapy Virus

This you suffering of herpes, herpes to zoster, herpes labial? First it is to understand the disease, its reach, symptoms and impact in our lives. That it is the herpes? It is an eruption of viral origin with vesicle formation, caused by the herpes simple or herpes to zoster. These are characterized by their tendency to recidivar, that is to say, to return to appear and to cause injuries several times throughout the life of the individual. Different types from herpes Herpes exist simple nongenital: It is an infection caused by the virus of the herpes simple, that it affects adult young people most frequently. Newcastle University wanted to know more. After the exhibition to the virus many people do not present/display manifestations or has a slight and transitory malaise Herpes to zoster: it is an infection located, produced by the virus of chickenpox-zoster.

In the individuals that suffer chickenpox, the virus persists in latency in the organism. When by some reason, this it undergoes a diminution of his defenses, the virus one multiplies and it crosses the passage of a peripheral nerve until the skin, where it brings about pain later and, injuries cutaneous in the zone of innervacin of the affected nerve (Dermatoma) Note: old patient with but of two episodes in a year of herpes zoster is due to somewhere look for or to discard a neoplasia to him (cancer) of his body. Signs and symptoms Herpes simple nongenital: grouped vesicles, fever, headache and general malaise. Herpes to zoster: blisters in clusters throughout the zone of innervacin of a nerve with intense pain urente like burn Treatment Diet: in order to avoid the virus latent of the herpes and warts, it is necessary to have the immunological system in perfect state If the patient is already in a neurological phase, to prevent it s recommends to include in his diet the foods that are rich in complex b In the herpetic affections is necessary to try to reduce the foods that are rich in arginines (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, chocolate, lentils, sesame between otros0 and to harness the rich food ingestion in lisina (tuna, meat of cow, prawns, leavenings, turkey, chicken, salmon, among others) Aromatherapy: it stops to avoid that the herpetic blisters burst and the virus extends are indicated the essential oils of geranium and lavender, that dry out the zone and help to heal the injuries.

Occupational Injuries

Actually totality of countries exists specific Norms of protection to the workers (commonly denominated of Social Protection ), who look for to avoid that these can be in situation of neglect and exclusion in case they suffered permanent injuries or diseases, weathers or, that they prevented them to carry out the own tasks of his respective positions. Nevertheless, sometimes one occurs in this type of ailments or pathologies a certain component of fraud, not corresponding the allegations expressed by the worker about his impossibility to work with his true state of health. Although to a large extent this type of conducts so little honest can be fought through the examinations and opportune medical controls, sometimes there are cases in which the fraud bears its fruits, which could get to as much suppose numerous losses for his Companies as for the Public System of Health and Social Protection. East position phenomenon in data, in a country as Spain usually detects itself to the year by the Managing Organisms of the Social Security around 5,500 labor losses of fraudulent character, not including in this alarming number, obvious, those data that are not detected. How takes place the detection of the fraud and which could be their signs? The Organisms of the Social Security of the different countries own in their structures Equipment of medical Inspection that is in charge to carry out medical examinations to the workers in situation of low weather to determine the reality of their state as well as the evolution of the same.

It is possible to speak of diverse signs that could make initially suspect on the fraudulent character of a supposed injury or disease, and that could require that the monitoring was carried far: – When, after happening the supposed accident, contradictory testimonies occurred on the part of underwent that it. It could do precise to realise an examination in depth on the state of the worker. – If some were no witness that was present at the happened incident. – When the loss takes place just a short time after worker would have been made fixed or indefinite by the Company. – In case the worker underwent who it presented/displayed discrepancies or were immersed in a situation of personal confrontation with the Company, for example by to him to be denied an ascent. In these cases he could conceive the labor loss like a revenge, especially when the level of activity in the installation is greater. Injuries and diseases that more usually occur in these cases of fraud the temporary incapacities more commonly present in this type of activities of deceit on the part of some workers are those motivated by: – Common Diseases, like the influenza or the bronchitis. – Occupational Injuries, like the lumbalgias, the cervicalgias or other ailments of bony or muscular type. – Diseases of psychological or psychiatric type, like stress or the depression. These cases are those that greater complexity have, to the very complicated being to determine the veracity of the state of the worker.

Treaty Algeria

Published in the newspaper the Reason, of File-Peru, the 5 of 2010 July The Whip of the Rufus " Algeria is a country to a large extent to do and that has money for hacerse" Ricardo Sanchez-Serra (*) The 5 of July anniversary of the independence of Algeria is commemorated the 48, after eight years of a bloody war with France, that left a million deads. From that date numerous events have marked their history, like being leader of the Not-Align Movement in the decade of 70 and of the Group of the 77, until seeing it jeopardize its existence at the beginning of 90, in a not declared civil war that caused 200 thousand dead ones. And its turn to the West, besides always emphasizing in the independence of its foreign policy. During the war of liberation, France was very cruel with the Algerians. The systematic and generalized torture was its modus operandi, fact that caused the international rejection. Unlike Italy, that requested excuses to Libya by its excesses in the colonial stage it compensated and it, France it denies to recognize the crimes of the colonization. President Sarkozy only criticized the past colonial of his country in Algeria and asked not to pause in that past and to watch the future. The French arrogant position is rejected by Algiers, that will not sign " Treaty of Amistad" , while Paris does not apologise, an historical pardon that will be the beginning of the reconciliation between Algerians and French. Algeria, unlike other Arab countries, has an exemplary democracy. by Abdelaziz Bouteflika is governed for 11 years in successive elections, a military hero of the independentista fight and that has taken to its country thanks to its program of national reconciliation to the stability, to the fortification of the democracy and the modernization.