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Flexi Posture

All the above problems can be solved with the Flexi-Bar. Coordination under sensomotora this concept refers to the coordination of different control processes. Movements that can be performed from the highest level, the brain, at the beginning only automate progressively. Intermuscular coordination, i.e. harmony between different muscle groups, is improved. At the same time optimises collaboration between player and opponent of a movement. The movement becomes therefore more harmonious, effective and economical. Strengthening of the connective tissue connective tissue can be any kind of supportive tissue this tissue is not only superficial, but it can also be profound.

The capsules of the joints and ligaments are composed of connective tissue. A training to strengthen muscles, such as for example using the Flexi-Bar, strengthens the connective tissue. The cause of this is inter alia a better oxygen supply and a better evacuation of homotoxinas. Why the tissue can regenerate clearly more faster and better. Improvement of body posture the Flexi-Bar allows you to very quickly make this weekend.

There is not just another training device that can address so selectively to the responsible muscle group for optimal and upright posture. This is mainly due to the muscles that pull the waist shoulder girdle down, as for example the ascending portion of the trapezius muscle, they have almost never been able to be reached by conventional training apparatuses. This also explains, why even athletes and athletes not only have a bad body posture and back problems. But not only below scapulae muscles but also the muscles between the scapulae is worked by quickly raising its tension. Once these muscle endurance and performance raise, bad posture in stressful situations can be remedied. At the same time a strengthening of the major muscles in the spinal area is reached the neck, which must be willing to compensate through tensions the head about 6 kg weight approximately. Several exercises with the Flexi-Bar also strengthen the rotator cuff of the shoulder. External shoulder rotators do not work or work very little with other training devices, what it takes to encourage more the internal rotation of the shoulder which in turn may produce a bad body posture. Another important aspect to good posture is a strong abdominal muscles. Above all the internal oblique abdominal muscles favor a flat abdomen, resulting in a positive effect on the position of the hip. Elevation of metabolism not only during training with the Flexi-Bar we burn calories, if we raise our metabolic rate, isn’t to say 2 to 3 times per week, upwards. In other words this means that we also burn more calories while at rest. In the long term this is the only sensible way to reduce body fat. Do as explained this elevation of the? basal metabolism? This training increases and broad structure cell, also known as mitochondria, which are responsible for the metabolism. Mitochondria can compare with ovens. If we have more quantity if they are larger, metabolism can operate quite faster and better.