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Tretyakov Gallery

russian Yes, yes it is true, but how else is the biggest country in the world, so many towns, villages, rivers, seas and lakes of nowhere, just for us. Not only and not so much Russia is rich in land and open spaces, as his people – you and me. " In country there are many different nationalities, languages, customs, traditions, songs, rhymes, fairy tales. Climate in Russia is very diverse because of the huge country. On the most part it is moderate continental, or continental with long cold winters and short cool summers.

Travel to Russia – it's interesting, because Russia is a country rich in attractions: it resorts with Caucasus mineral waters, and the seaside resorts of beaches, mountain huts, Lake Baikal with its unique inhabitants. The oldest Russian towns, members of the Golden Ring of Russia. Karelia with mirror lakes and fresh fish. But what about Moscow? Only the capital of Russia State, its history, people, deeds can speak for hours, Red Square, Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Tretyakov Gallery and much more. Russian domestic tourism is extremely interesting. Rich heritage left kings, monks, princes, and the ancient Slavs, Swedes, Tartars, Scythians and Greeks also gave us a bit of its history. Travels in Russia, will be a memorable pastime and recreation.