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It is absolutely necessary that if Liberte of this to flow constant of thoughts and can aquietar the mind: thus you will only obtain to co-ordinate all efficiently the processes that correspond to the writing of ready monographs. To have thoughts and more thoughts giving returns constantly is not a health signal, is signal of a estressada mind. When one has lain is total pure and clean, when she is healthy, the thoughts are slower or disappear. It lives in a mountain of thoughts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dean Ornish M.D. Since the morning until the night and the night until the morning; you go to sleep and there they are the thoughts, is eating or bathing themselves or walking and there she is this multitude of thoughts. The times, you can want to stop this whirlwind, to leave to think, but it cannot. Its life elapses in alluvium of thoughts. How it would be possible to get rid itself of this state? First, she is necessary to understand that if you try to exile the thoughts, if tries not to think, this only it will produce the effect contrary.

It is as when it wants to sleep and it cannot. The more if it strengthens obtains little it, and the same valley for the writing of its monograph or its TCC, the more you makes force, little production of quality will be possible. It is a negative effort. The thoughts cannot be expulsos making an effort to get rid itself of them, but when the energy of the mind that habitually is destined to think starts to flow in another direction the thoughts if they debilitate automatically. The thoughts do not have proper life. Quanta more attention you to dedicate to a thought, more alive this if become. The more the attention removes it, dead is.

If the attention removes it total, the thoughts is without life, dies and disappears immediately. To understand that what resists, to the end it persists, what you impose resistance concluintemente you remain. Therefore, our teams of teaching specialists in following pupils who are writing its monographic research, will recommend an exercise that it can right now be made while is reading this text. Such exercise will serve to aquietar its mind, to from there make with that the thoughts if become slower and so that can reach this state of serenity where nothing it is agitated in its interior and it can be I obtain same in peace, resulting a bigger easiness in the fluidity of its work of research. It tries to close the eyes and to make the following one per one minute: As an animal that waits so that its victim has left the cage; she watches, she waits, he is intent to the next thought that will come to the mind. Truth that did not come no thought? Then, when if she feels estressado and she wants to serenar its thoughts, she makes this exercise. It will see that with training more time could be each time without the thoughts appear.

Northwestern Medical University School

What you make to be happy? That attitudes or actions can contribute for its happiness? These are questions that we would adore to know the answers. Of course, the search for the happiness is full of challenges, surprises and upheavals, but we can always act so that walked ours it is rewarded with memorable scenes. In this direction, an efficient action for you if to feel better is good barao. In accordance with Greg Risberg of the Northwestern Medical University School, in Chicago, the physiological benefit I hug of it includes a reduction of the sanguineous pressure and oxygen in the blood. It says that all we have one ‘ ‘ hunger of pele’ ‘ , and we are losing a vital part of our health if we do not hug in them regularly. It affirms that four abraos per day are the minimum to welfare provide and concrete scientific results in the people.

Beyond demonstrating affection, the ones that hug more, seem to remain themselves more healthful. The specialist evidences that the skin is the biggest agency of the sensorial body and if it sub-is stimulated, many people had left to usufruct of the benefits that it can provide. Then you go an invitation here to test the benefits you hug of it. Before leaving house, he gives a fort I hug in its wife, namorada, mother, father or grandmothers. When arriving in the work he hugs one of its colleagues.

In elapsing of the day he finds and he hugs more at least two people. From there, he will be able to evaluate its feelings better. But, if you to desire exactly resulted concrete, will have to assume the commitment to make it at least per 21 days consecutive. To the end, without perceiving she will be a happyer, livened up and admired person. I hug discloses it some messages, as for example, love I you, you I am important for me, I taste to be close to you, I am anxious to pass more time with you etc. I have an old one dictated that he says that the actions speak more than words. Therefore, to take some few minutes of its day to hug the people warmly, will be able to provide rewards to it wonderful. It is not of the type ‘ ‘ heart of pedra’ ‘. Amolea this generous heart that has in its chest and allows that the happiness flows as the blood in the veins. After all of accounts it is as Charles Chaplin said: ‘ ‘ The life is a theater part that does not allow assays. Therefore, it sings, it cries, it dances, it smiles, it hugs and alive intensely, before the curtain if closes and the part finishes without aplausos.’ ‘ Then, it starts I hug to practise it with its wife and will descubrir how much a simple gesture will be able to raise its personal satisfaction, to optimize the relationship and to create memorable moments in the life of the couple. It thinks about this, excellent day and that God blesses in them.

English Society

According to Foucault (1988 p.20): There where the soul intends to unify itself, there where I invents for itself an identity or a coherence, the genealogista part in search of the start? of the myriad starts that leave this color suspicion, this almost extinguished mark that does not allow to dissociar I and to make popular in the places and hiddings place of its empty synthesis, a thousand now lost events. Michael Focault (1988) in them presents the individual as indispensable to the knowledge, where if he establishes criteria that judge the cognition of this knowledge, as necessary its coexistence. So that its coexistence makes direction, the aged one must is assumen of the knowledge, ahead of the thought and the factors of development, through its history its identity, evidencing its experiences.

To the service I publish and its economic policies consist to adopt abilities and knowledge that allow them to fully explore the capacity of the aged one, integrating it actively the society. To this contribution and its equity if they make necessary to approach you practise curricular, as well as a legislation that goes beyond knowing and of the health of the aged one, propitiating a communication of autonomy of the development of intelligence. Current society a miditica society that fights against preconceptions, established for same it and that it serves of reference of a full society of ideologies, ethics and moral that condition the aging the uselessness condition. They leave of one I begin, exceeded and of you practise theoreticians who so only reflect a society estagnada, and that she only instruments to approach the factors problematic of the aging. Not looking for to constitute one politics that integrates the aged according to society English minister of the Health, Ian Mac Leod, the increase of the aging is the Everest Mount of the present time, with social problems that must be argued the governmental level, with an integration, if, formularizations and preconceptions, extending the care with the aged one and understanding its singularity of existence giving the necessary dimension, the demographic explosion of the maturation of the aged one, as well as of its necessities.