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Emotional Brain

The rational part of the brain only uses 10% of the same, while the emotional part uses 90% remaining, this makes essential to the education of the emotions. Preventive Medicine Research Institute often expresses his thoughts on the topic. During the Decade of the nineties of the last century, neuroscientist Joseph Le Doux demonstrated the domain that serves the emotional brain over the rational brain in certain situations. According to neurologist Antonio Damasio, when the brain makes decisions it does so with the aim of regulating an emotional balance that affects the entire body. Therefore, it is essential to educate the emotional brain to learn to control his instincts and emotions by using their intelligence. The emotional part of the brain scientists placed control of emotions in the limbic system, why call this structure the emotional part of the brain. This system consists of three fundamental elements with specific functions:-the thalamus: sending sensory messages to the cerebral neocortex (the neocortex is considered the thinking part of the) brain); -the hippocampus: believed that it plays a very important role in memory and the interpretation of what we perceive; and – the amygdala, which is the center of emotional control. The limbic system as a whole is present in both cerebral hemispheres and regulates emotions and impulses that we experience. The zero emotional Eduardo Punset, uses this concept to define the point at which neural circuits that will determine how to face situations any boy or girl from the emotional point of view throughout his life have formed.

In this way remains closed-circuit and although the expression and control of emotions one can learn a posteriori, must always start from the neuronal basis that builds up until the age of two years. The key to foster the emotional development in children will be in the relationships of intersubjectivity between the small and the persons to which it relates. Stern, understands the intersubjectivity, on the one hand, as ability to recognize another person as separated from subjective experience Center with which you can share own subjective States (aged two) and, on the other hand, as a specific form of relationship that is generated between the child and his mother (birth to age 2) in particular, in the period sensoriomotor is this a type of specific instersubjetividad, primary intersubjectivity, which refers to the ability to share emotional states that arise in the bosom of the diada figure of apego-bebe. .

Fitch Ratings

Families are recovering confidence and this is a very good sign. The most interesting of which is watching the economy of Brazil and recovery that emerges from the above, is that it has own force and is not so dependent on what happens abroad although we cannot deny that this helps very much. -Special offer the war by raw material seems to have been overshadowed against financial disaster originated in United States China is taking advantage of this global crisis and will be more strengthened than before: it will require more and two key companies will accompany it in its growth where is China investing your money now? All the details in our Global value of July report, click here to learn about it. The clear evidence that the economy and the Government of Brazil have known good address the crisis represents a worthy recognition test passed. According to Mauro Leos, Moodys sovereign credit Analyst: as result of a shift to negative events in the international arena, Brazil has experienced the equivalent of a severe test of voltage of large proportions in recent months.

It is for this reason that the rating agency is evaluating to improve the grade of foreign and local currency debt of Brazil. Brazil debt in foreign currency rate in Ba1?, one level below the degree of investment would reach with the improvement. Moodys decision would not represent a too risky action since earlier Standard & Poor s and Fitch Ratings agencies have given Brazil debt investment grade status. To improve in qualifying, prospects for the fiscal deficit as well as the commitment of the Government shall be taken into account for its control. The Government of Brazil plans to further reduce costs to compensate in part the fall of tax revenue resulting from the global economic crisis. The Minister of finance, Guido Mantega clarified in this regard: we will not touch priority programmes of the Government.

Psychological View

A VISION psychological LA film SHREK run of the main characters in the movie Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp. He hates to be bothered and is very jealous of their privacy. A day is invaded by a group of characters in stories that have been vacated by Lord Farquaad, tyrant with aspirations of being King. Angry, Shrek goes to see him to demand that he return his swamp, removing characters from the tales and be able to recover his loneliness. In exchange for giving their Marsh, you must rescue Princess Fiona imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon lanza-fuego.

Shrek, accompanied by a talking donkey named donkey, goes to the Castle, where captive Princess and after running great adventures, he realizes that the world is not as bad as I thought, to find sincere friendship in the ass and love in the Princess who must rescue. The characters to be analyzed are: Shrek, donkey, Princess Fiona and Lord Farquaad. Perspective Psychoanalytical the main difference of this perspective with other models is the given value to the symptoms. The symptoms are the expression of a conflict, a way of communicating something that the subject cannot express otherwise. Symptoms protect anxiety although somehow cause it and they can mask their meaning-. According to Freud, the symptom would be an attempt to self-healing. Not be pursued, since the Elimination of the symptom, this without paying attention to their meaning therefore can assume another worst substitution of the symptom – producing or increase the suffering of the subject. In the case of Shrek, we can appreciate a symptom manifested in his behavior when he makes explicit his desire to live in solitary and isolated from the world: I live in a swamp, I’m a terrifying ogre, what will I have to do to get intimacy….

The Health Protection

THE protection of the affection and health at a point are similar. Nobody knows what they are worth until after they lose. Manuel Machado. A right the basic SOCIAL right to health protection is a basic social right recognised by our Constitution, and it is a priority because it is part of the social and democratic State of law. In the welfare state the guiding principles mark the thread of the action of the public authorities so that there is a minimum of coherence between the objective to achieve and the results obtained. The effectiveness of this right to protection of health is not achieved with the inhibition of the public authorities, but it requires an acting trustee in two well-defined fronts. One, through the development of measures and preventive actions that prevent disease, that fight against the deterioration of health and to maintain the quality of life of citizens.

Another focused on a directly lending performance of services, through the Organization of the necessary resources, so that arises when the disease can and need to be combated with all means available and ideal Sciences. However, the welfare state comes suffering from long ago not a few offensives. Social gains achieved in the second half of the 20th century in the Western world, are beginning to be questioned by neo-Liberals, who argue that the overhead of the State is responsible for the economic crisis that in recent years many countries have suffered more or less profound form. But a society without economic rights and social rights, governed exclusively by the principle of free competition, will be driven back to a society with huge differences and antagonisms of class that would explode by itself sooner or later. The General Law of health to establish the principle of universalization of benefits provided a legal framework to the demands of the population, but also blamed the national health system serving all citizens in their needs and rights without meaning. Currently, there are proposals extremely dangerous that represent the failure of the principle of the national system of health as a universal insurer. These proposals, based on freedom of choice among insurance companies, do not take into consideration the costs of solidarity and, in addition, introduce incentives for risk selection.

The alleged freedom of choice of the citizen or consumer would end up in free choice of private companies that would, finally, which would elect to its customers. These proposals promise immediate for a majority of the population improvement, but hide negative future effects. In health do not work the schemas of the free market. The free market in health insurance creates situations of great injustice and in addition there are examples of how the resources are used badly, useless consumption increases and citizens wary and flock en masse to complain to the justice. And is that, as the poet said: Finally and after do not have / in where falling down dead. / Why, in the end, you should not fall / and, after all, are still living. Francisco Arias Solis investigate the crimes of the Franco regime is not a crime. By a judiciary worthy. Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.

Great Mystery Depression

Today we know much about depressions, this disease is one of the most common and harmful that we can find in all societies and cultures, in fact, around the entire human species many cases have been diagnosed in the past years. Understand depression and recognize that it is a mental illness has led to many researchers will try to know more about the causes of depression and routes to try to combat it. Since recently, the science of psychoanalysis and psychological research has discovered much about the mind and the spirit human, and one of the most amazing discoveries is that it is that it is not a permanent mental disorder, this disease is more like a virus, almost everyone had the opportunity to experience it and we all need to know more in time to avoid get worse. The deep depression is a medical disorder that affects millions of people around the world. Also known as depression experience it several types of person at all stages of life. In the same way that some people experience some days of sadness, depression is more than one simple case of slump in morale, it is so strong that it doesn’t allow people run correctly, and sometimes simply do not even operate. He is estimated that depression deep and/or slight affect to sixteen per cent of the world population. Imagine the people who suffered depression 200 years ago and makes 500, without a good understanding of what was happening to them, many people throughout history have been expelled from the society by their cases of depression. Today although the consequences are not so extreme, there are many victims who neither learn from them which they passed to them and as a result diminish quality if life. If you want to see as I could out of my depression and achieve a natural balance, you only have to click here. Original author and source of the article.