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Regional Cancer Center

In the medical life of a small town happened event that you can tell a sensational and unbelievable. When using the natural product obtained to document treatment cancer disease in a person's age, whom surgery was contraindicated. Speaking candidly USC told us the story. The surgeon-oncologist there were doubts about the ability of transferring patients with cancer of the operation itself, as well as the possibility of cure, even if a favorable outcome of this operation. Visit Cardiologist for more clarity on the issue. Within three months of continuous reception of the drug led to the departure of a malignant tumor. In its place was a faint scar. For the uninitiated – is a great wonder where it is hard to believe! Many come to mind doubts the correctness of diagnosis. Although in reality, the diagnosis is confirmed histologically, a detailed study of the structure of the tumor cells in the Regional Cancer Center.

Especially in this organ (esophagus) benign in nature do not happen. It is foolish to assume that this case is unique in medical practice. No, no, this drug cured or markedly improved physical condition of many cancer patients. Purchased and other amazing benefits to treating other diseases. Although observations at the local level is not much, due to the fact that in our town this drug appeared fairly recently. y clicking through. For all though it has experienced three Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and two research institutes, as well as testing conducted Moscow Cancer Center. Blokhin, for five years, which means was awarded the National Prize.

Blokhin. Thanks to its excellent results, the Ministry of Health in 2004 issued a letter of recommendation for its use in medical practice. It was protected by many doctoral dissertations related to its use in various diseases. Information on this drug has also been published in BED (Big Medicine Encyclopedia). This drug effectively cures tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, mastitis, diabetes mellitus, and gives a result in various forms of heart disease and the brain, reducing the amount of atherosclerotic plaques, depression, meningitis, osteomyelitis, and, most important, wherever located, skin diseases, not excluding, and psoriasis. Read more: Website:

Elisa Healing Kits

She is one tries crucial that has given permission to several patients to include/understand what it happens in its bodies. He is kit created originally to help in numerous studies realised in different plants, that soon were used to help to identify problems of immunological deficiency, steroid use, diabetes, fertility, cancer, parasitology and allergies. Univ. of Iowa follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Its use has transformed regular it into one of the most exact studies. How it operates a Kit de Elisa? Kit of elisa evaluates the different diseases, reason why it works with different methods.

Many kits of Elisa use the sanguineous plasma of a person to analyze the antigens or antibodies of specific diseases. Kit of elisa has the capacity to analyze enough diseases, which makes very popular in several hospitals. Its main function is to attract the antigen antibodies or the surface to be able to identify them. HIV and the analysis of kit The appearance of these kits has allowed that a person knows if she owns HIV and she can look for a treatment to maintain his quality of life. If an individual thinks that he or she or a dear being fight by his life against HIV, would have to make a visit to his doctor and to ask to him to realise this analysis. HIV is a terrible disease that not only affects to they suffer that it, but all dear beings. As not yet it exists cures, one is due to own the best tools for his analysis.

These studies are accustomed to be exact, reason why they offer the security of not reading false positives or negatives at serious moments like these. Who would have to consider to be realised this study? Many patients who above suffer the mentioned diseases must request at least one of these analyses before being put under treatments in the long term. For many patients the decision to use or kit of elisa directly does not fall to the hands of its doctor. Those analyses are very used, which does simple to request its application. The expert is the one who must toil to realise a diagnosis and who will know what type of tools is accessible for this diagnosis. If you think that to be realised east analysis it is his better option for his present physical state, a good idea is to speak and to ask. Where they make the majority of the Kits de Elisa? Several types different from kits of elisa exist that they come from companies established in different zones from China. A popular site where the technical work with different types practices from kits of elisa is Taiwan. They dispatch in great amounts to the hospitals to cooperate with the diagnosis of the patients and to initiate to remedy enough diseases. It visits manufacturers and suppliers of these types of equipment, It visits: kit of elisa Other chemical agents for investigations in laboratory: antibody policlonales.

Macadamia Oil Aromatherapy

Essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic and cosmetic effects due to the presence in their part of four or five hundred complex organic substances of different chemical structure. A large part of oils exhibit anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, disinfectant, and some of them – mikosepticheskoe, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, antiviral activity. You may find The University of Chicago to be a useful source of information. The attractiveness of volatile oils in the fact that, at each method of application, preferably in the lower portions of these substances are powerful controllers of psycho-emotional state. In using vegetable oil as a cosmetic for topical use what you want in ways that people can immediately adjust through the olfactory organs and skin, the functional state of various organs and systems in general, to eliminate many disease states and avert manifestations number of diseases. Methods of application of essential oils to extremely affordable, simple, pleasant at home, on the road, in sports, in health centers for any age group and children's hospitals, ranging from birth and until late adulthood. Still, before applying them to have to test for sensitivity of the individual odor of essential oil spray mixture of oils (one drop of essential oil to one tablespoon of vegetable oil) on the wrist or on the skin at the site of the elbow bend.

The absence of negative reactions (skin irritation, discomfort) will use the essential oil in different ways. The ancient art of aromatherapy regains its former glory, because from the time of Cleopatra, a woman known as aromatherapy, aromatic essential oils will help you become more beautiful and desirable. It is no coincidence aromatherapy is often referred to aromamagiey because wisely-chosen scents to help solve the problem of rejuvenation, health, make you sexually attractive, to give confidence and strength. A more essential oils and aromatherapy is called 'Live cosmetics', on the grounds that it Only natural compounds actually live cosmetic, with no additives or preservatives, which the organism perceives a favorable natural level.

Estrogen Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy, my colleagues and I condemn the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to induced high blood pressure, weight gain, problems with the gall bladder and liver, not to mention breast cancer or cancer in women. The health risk caused by hormone replacement therapy outweigh the beneficial qualities. Yes, they reduce the risk of osteoporosis, but only for a while, until you accept them. In addition, if during that period of menopause you are in a stressful condition significantly weakened adrenal function. Healthy glands continue to supply the woman in the post-menopausal estrogen. But in period of stress the adrenal glands are busy produce anti-stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the production of estrogen. Estrogen and estrogen dominance As for estrogen, most women are familiar state of the so-called estrogen dominance.

It occurs when the amount of estrogen in the body is not balanced enough progesterone. This happens as a result of violations of ovulation, or due to saturation of the organism alien chemicals. Contained in pesticides (found in vegetables and fruits), herbicides and plastic (when you eat of the utensils, plastic chemicals that get into food). Such substances called ksenoestrogenami and have estrogen-like effect on you. Usually, they accumulate in body fat and dramatically increase the risk of cancer.

If progesterone is unable to cope with estrogen, you may be problems in the form of swelling, bloating, and menstrual disorders. By and large, we live in a vast number of chemicals that affect hormones, which are present in our food last decades. We are paying with their health all these modern innovations in agriculture and food industry influences the number of sperm and causes the animals and fish change sex. Hormonal problems there as well and among the people. A negative feature is that the substitution hormone therapy does not include progesterone itself, but carries a synthetic hormone-like substances progestins or progestogens called. In fact, this artificial hormones. Side effects of hormone replacement therapy side effects are irritability, liver dysfunction, vaginal bleeding, problems with blood clotting and so on, in addition, they weaken the positive effects of estrogen on the heart. At the same time, the artificial hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used much more estrogen than a natural! Therefore, it is better to dwell on more natural remedies If you transferred a partial removal of the uterus (ie, your ovaries continue to function) before menopause, you will have the same hormonal changes that in the normal menstrual cycle. If you need more hormones, and you advised to use estrogen only, because you do not have cancer, you still need to be supplemented welcome any additional estrogen natural progesterone. If the uterus is removed completely and you need HRT, use the lowest possible dose of estrogen for you and always natural progesterone. Some women experience early menopause, which can lead to a number of factors: estrogen-like chemicals in the environment, smoking and frequent alcohol use, or even critically malnourished (Diety!). As Anyway, you should make sure that your bones stay healthy. You need to periodically ru


Isolated cases occur in the former Soviet Union. Along with the single (sporadic) disease in different countries have repeatedly described the outbreaks. Distinguish household, manufacturing and laboratory cases and outbreaks of disease. Clinic. The incubation period ranges from 6 to 14 days. In some cases it is, can lengthen up to 25 days.

Patient complaints often indicate significant general weakness, chilling, sweating, fever, weakness, often intense headache, insomnia, poor appetite, pain when swallowing, vomiting, intermittent abdominal pain, constipation, and sometimes loose stools without impurities. Typically, the cough is often dry, sometimes with phlegm, which has a different character. Sometimes there are pains in the chest. The disease often begins acutely, sometimes it has a gradual onset. Fever is accompanied by an increase in temperature to as high as 2-3 days, characterized by constant or remittent temperature curve. The children all disease can occur: with low-grade or normal temperature.

Duration of febrile period of 2-3 weeks, followed by possible long subfebrile. Lowering the temperature is politically, and sometimes – with the crisis. Often, low-grade fever may last up to 2-3 months. Chills and sweating are often clearly marked. Headache is usually pretty strong, constant, often seen Insomnia, and sometimes delirium, loss of consciousness, recurrent pain in the muscles, joints, muscular weakness. At the height of the disease at week 2 may develop meningo-encephalitis. Face and the visible mucous membranes are often hyperemic. Often there is herpes in the mucous membranes of lips. Sometimes a 5-6-7-day sickness on skin of the trunk and extremities noted a rash (like roseolous, quickly disappearing). Lymph nodes increasing in rare cases. Appetite is usually reduced, tongue coated, thick, red-bordered prints I teeth on the edges, moist. At the beginning of the disease may be a slight hyperemia throat. Often there are locks. On palpation of the abdomen noted pain along the large intestine and spare the umbilicus.

Diseases Of The Kidney

Some pay for their health, while others mourn. Kidneys – the main excretory organ of man. They cleanse the body of harmful waste products, toxins. Displays alien and toxic compounds that we got out of the air, with food, through the skin. Kidneys are involved in the formation of substances, regulators of metabolic processes of the body, blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte balance. Normal operation affects the kidneys on life expectancy. To diseases of the urinary tract include pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, kidney stones, kidney failure, inflammation of the kidney and renal cancer. Symptoms of kidney disease pain in the kidneys, lower back, blurred vision, itching, swelling of the face, changing the number and color of urine incontinence, general weakness, headache.

The causes of kidney disease: Cooling organizma.Neprolechennye sex infektsii.Vrednaya food – all dried, smoked products, is also the most toxic product of all time – the vinegar. There is nothing more toxic to the kidneys no vinegar, but poisons. Drinks with dyes, sweeteners, effervescent, nizkokislotnye. This is Pepsi-Cola, Coca-cola, sprite, duchess, lemonade, anything that has a low acidity. Because as soon as leave calcium, magnesium – a man greatly attenuated renal protection.

Calcium – this entire musculoskeletal system. Magnesium – is all heart sosudistaya.Virusy, bacteria, fungi and other parasites and protozoa. Anyone who has any kidney disease, pyelonephritis, and since finishing stones are one of these bacteria. There is no kidney disease, if no viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. Medications. In using paracetamol, cold remedy, we are poisoning your own body. Wherewith aspirin, nasal drops or something else, they will be released by the kidneys. This means that all drugs in some way harm the kidneys. The lack of movement. How is this related to the kidneys? If a person does not move and is not engaged in exercise, he disturbed lymph flow. Once disturbed lymph flow, it has produced stagnation in the kidney.

Healthy Skin – Potential Security !

You look at any other representative of a strong half and his face painted all his tumultuous biography – the age of 50 the face looks like a baked apple. But the right person and the whole body is covered with loose skin under which there are bumps benign – the consequences of injuries, trauma, inflammation. The human body is designed so wise that he is able to regulate itself. And if any part fails, the other comes to her rescue. But we are fools try to ditch it all at once or watch just for the fact that it seems most important to others. Poor skin condition leads to a general fading of the body, affects the metabolism, the work of enzymes, hormones. In particular, for men – testosterone level drops.

It is no accident that during or after going to the bath increased the desire of many. Hormonal system strives to normal as possible and testosterone increases. That's why real men preferably regularly go to the bath .. Men's skin needs constant care. Let's start with the person. Men, I strongly recommend to lubricate the skin cream suitable for them in the morning and evening. Periodically change the cream. Smear cream brand is not necessarily a cheap and high quality.

And no, you can prepare yourself. I have often written as it is done with deodorized sunflower oil herbs and essential oils. The main thing to find what suits. Facial skin requires special care because experiencing the greatest burden, but perhaps with the exception of arms.

Eue Health

According to the theory of Bates, many visually impaired, including myopia and hyperopia, arising out of the eye muscles. In the short-sighted man too stiff transverse muscles (responsible for eye’s ability to stretch forward) and longitudinal weakened (allowing the eye to move up and down and sideways). Imagine a balloon. If you put pressure on him from above and below, it will be stretched forward – so seems short-sighted eyes. And farsighted – stretched lengthwise and transverse weakened. Since I have myopia, I will consider all the example of myopia. According to the theory of Bates, if you want to see objects in the distant distance, it is necessary to elongate the eyes relaxed (to relax the transverse muscles) and took the form of a ball. And the focus is on the retina.

When we wear glasses, we deceive our eyes. Expense of the lens we see the good, but eye, however, remains tense. And if so, then it does not need to relax – and so are perfectly visible. Strained eyes squeezed harder and harder, we prescribe glasses are thicker and thicker. That is, points contribute eyesight.

In order to avoid this and to teach the eyes to work properly, you must either stop using glasses or, if severe myopia, and it is difficult to give up points (like in my case), wear glasses on several diopters less. Thus, the eye begins to relax, to see into the distance. Gradually, as the addiction, and relaxation of muscles, reduce the need diopters. In parallel, it is necessary to relax the clenched muscles and train weak. A second argument against the points lies in the fact that the reduced field of view. We are looking only within the glass. Points immobilize the eye, our longitudinal muscles weaken. Try to look away. Please note that if you turn your head completely, or did it expense of eye movements. By learning to re-use their eyes, look right to me to mind the analogy with people from injury to re-learn walk. Have to put a lot of effort but the result is justified. Unfortunately, many ophthalmologists, writing a prescription for regular glasses, do not even think about all the above. When I first changed my glasses (-9 and -10) at -8 Diopters, all employees of Optics surprise there was no limit. “The Doctor” (I can not take that word in quotes) asked: “What will you see?” Do not worry, normally seen and still see no worse, but for now wear glasses with windows to -5 diopters. I can not wait to go again in the same optics, to change the glass on 4 and look at the astonished merchants!