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Childhood Disease: Chicken Pox

Affect mostly children, are highly contagious, and cause severe itching: the chicken pox. This viral disease occurs with skin rash all over his body and is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and heal mostly without further complications after two weeks back. Chickenpox (varicella) are by droplet infection, such as cough sneeze, or transferred by smear, so the direct contact with the skin blisters. Most of the infections with chickenpox happen in 2-up 6 year old children. Usually, the chicken pox heal without complications and no residual effects after about two weeks back. Most adults have come with the agent in the course of their lives in contact and stricken with chickenpox and wear therefore antibody against the varicella-zoster virus in the body. Chickenpox ill one therefore usually only once in life and is immune to the causative agent for this disease.

Symptoms of chickenpox has a child with chickenpox are infected, a general feeling of sickness often occurs with headaches, body aches and mild fever on. A leading source for info: Jane Figueiredo. The rash, which is characterized by small red spots that are slightly raised, sores and scabs is typical of chickenpox. The rash may affect the whole body, and sometimes even the mucous membranes and causes intense itching. The period of time between infection with chicken pox and the first symptoms is between 8 and 28 days after the first contact with a sick person. Mostly 14 to 16 days but are in between. Who has infected with the chickenpox, can be contagious after one or two days before the outbreak of the disease, and this remains until about ten days after the formation of the first red spots and blisters. Treatment of chickenpox as the disease in a healthy child without further complications, is it sufficient to combat only the symptoms and alleviate the itching, especially. This is done best by antihistamines which can satisfy the itch.

Because the child scratches the blisters that can arise due to bacteria infection. The bubbles can by means of zinc be dried out. It is important also bed rest to, keep the skin carefully to maintain and best of the waiver of tight-fitting clothing, not further increase the itching. The child has a fever, may reduce any medication containing the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid to fever to be applied, this could make the disease worse, and vomiting, convulsions and confusion. Medicinal products containing an active substance paracetamol are a good alternative. For more information, as well as effective remedies for the treatment of children’s diseases, see

Diabetes Wave Rolls

Also eating promotes the risk of diabetes to develop the lifestyle disease type 2 diabetes type 2 reaching people through their faulty diet and lack of exercise. The risk of becoming diabetic, increases with each increased kilos. In developed countries, the number of diabetics continues unabated. Live in Germany currently eight million people diagnosed with diabetes–of which 85 percent are overweight. This disease is now referred to as people disease, because it is hard to curb. This type of metabolic disease is a creeping process, the body signals from initially not to be performed. The danger is that she silently sneaking up and secretly attack the organism.

With an intake of excessively loaded sugary food plays an important role. The blood sugar level is thus constantly increased and gradually poisoned the nerves and blood vessels. The heart, the kidneys, and even the eyes cannot be thereby affected. On the fine veins of the Often minor changes occur retina. You can indicate a disease and be also a symptom of a still undiscovered diabetes type 2. A doctor diagnosed diabetes retinal damage are already visible in one-third of diabetics. To avoid further damage, blood sugar levels must necessarily be reduced to prevent blindness and other complications.

The doctors educate barely overweight the risks, because they often lack the time or lack of knowledge about healthy nutrition. It is easy to eat healthy, at the same time to bring his weight back to normal mass and by the way is the diabetes to risk reduced. There is a little change of the own life style, i.e. the weight you can by a small increase in daily motion slightly reduce climbs stairs, travels by bicycle to work, and perhaps treats herself to a nightly summer walk. Also when shopping as possible products forgo that much Contain sugar, they are true fattening foods and cause a variety of diseases of civilization. A nutrition on low carb – less carbohydrates/sugar is also very flattering to the figure and has the property to prevent type 2 diabetes and even defeat. The authors of contactor and Bajwa have deals with carbohydrate – low carb – diet form and published books about various. You write about personal experiences, giving helpful tips, tricks, and created their own recipes. Their self-help books are in the “low carb world” not more away to think. More information under: photo: Copyright by Sabine Beuke Sabine Beuke

World Health Organization

To the World Diabetes Day of the World Diabetes Day should be cause, to point out the dangers posed by one of the largest people disease of modern man. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) has the adult-onset diabetes (diabetes mellitus type II) in the meantime assumed the proportions of a global epidemic. In Germany, approximately every 10 diabetes is ill. Increasing trend. The efforts for prevention, early detection and treatment are so to increase in order to meet this modern epidemic of people. While each is asked to make that risk factors that cause of the metabolic syndrome of the pre-diabetes to manifest diabetes, can be countered specifically his lifestyle.

The most important to be addressed risk factors are obesity, high blood pressure, lipid disorders and elevated blood sugar levels. These risk factors increase the likelihood of not only to adult-onset diabetes, but also for a number of diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke with responsible. What can you do to defuse the ticking time bomb and the diabetes and risk of attack to minimize? It is obvious that these risk factors can be influenced by a change of lifestyle and dietary behaviour cheap. In addition, also in herbal products such as DiVitum capsules can provide assistance. Included are the herbal ingredients of cinnamon extract and glucomannan. Both can intervene positively regulating in the sugar and fat metabolism, as demonstrated by current research. For cinnamon and cinnamon extract was the United States noted in a very recent analysis of the scientific work by nutritionists from, that they reduce the important fasting blood sugar value of diabetics as well as pre diabetes. The long-term control of blood glucose levels is as important for the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. This is done with insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents. But here too the natural product cinnamon in addition plays a role.

Living With Diabetes

The experience report of a diabetic with the Asclepiadacaesaure, the extract of natural medicinal plant Gymna writing was at the age of 66, because life begins… “, you can still remember the Schlager by Udo Jurgens? You would think this song is written for Hermann Penker. The pensioner suffers since now mellitus, probably triggered by an inflammation in the pancreas, has damaged the its insulin-producing cells to diabetes for 30 years. The retired teacher during this time has tried much, from the classic, as well as from the experience of medicine, but none of it has really convinced him. The Internet helped further and then he found by chance on the Internet, as he again was surfing through the diabetes forums on the net, a note on a plant which promised miracles. It says, with the extract of this plant you can regulate his blood sugar naturally.

Should this be possible”, he wondered, and searched the Internet on a cure, the the active ingredient in this plant contains. And he was looking for because there is a preparation on the market, the Asclepiadacaesaure, the active ingredient of this plant for years, includes in its purest form. Asclepiadacaesaure is from the Gymna in India in the State of Tamilnadu plant, won and appreciated for thousands of years in the treatment of diabetes by Ayurvedic doctors and applied. Is the special feature of Gymnapflanze but what this plant so particular, that international studies have shown that the Asclepiadacaesaure in the Gymna probably has the unique ability to revive-producing cells destroyed insulin or to renew? How can it be that it can regulate blood sugar levels and stimulate the insulin? The answers to these questions can be found in millennia old writings of the ancient Indians, Sinhalese Materia Medica, because there is described the interaction of body, mind and soul. Only if all elements of the people are in line, man is healthy.


Start with prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage many people in the second half of life are afraid to lose with age, their mental capacity. The terms dementia and Alzheimer’s describe the potential Specter. It is true that dementia is a problem of old age, it is also true that, however, something can be done. The sooner, the better. It has the opportunity to optimize the supply of the brain with micro-nutrients. However is observed with increasing age increasingly that the supply of micronutrients is no longer optimal. The national consumption study funded by the Federal Government made that clear. Elderly people are vulnerable to deficient vital micronutrients.

As a result, The blood levels of the appropriate vitamins and trace elements fall, oxidative stress and harmful metabolic products such as the homocysteine can take the upper hand. It also negatively affects the mental capacity and the immune status of the affected people. Dementia and frequent infections can be the result. An early nutritional screening with micro nutrients such as MemoVitum is absolutely appropriate. What can you do to stay even in the age as long mentally fit and healthy. One of the possible measures comes from the nutrition research and ensures an optimization of the supply status with micro-nutrients. Unfortunately, it is an illusion to think that older people would eat always sufficient with fresh fruit and vegetables, to ensure or optimize their supply status with micro-nutrients. Taking supplementary of special products with micronutrients is necessarily offered in this age group, especially as a number of studies show that mental performance supported by active taking of vitamins and trace elements. As has been shown recently in a study again that people reduce their personal risk of dementia can they selectively eat micronutrients in addition. Also, these studies have shown that micronutrient tablets to the pension are suitable.

Consider Mental Illness

International day of persons with disabilities Hamburg/Salzwedel who international day of people with disabilities, takes place on December 3, the versatile forms of disability in the foreground and promotes tolerance in dealing with the parties concerned. In addition to the physical and mental disabilities are the mental and intellectual disabilities in the focus of the day. Physical disabilities are largely socially accepted. Mental illnesses are taboo, so that an optimal reintegration of victims into society more difficult”, so Dr. Nowack, Director of Dr. viewpoints.

Molly group. In addition, that many nursing homes provide the infrastructure for a targeted reintegration, which represents a burden for the families of those affected. However, a particularly important part of the therapy of mentally diseased people is their social integration and acceptance by friends, acquaintances and relatives. Diseases such as depression, panic attacks or the consequences of alcoholism are curable active social contacts can help the healing. An open response to the widespread diseases that can affect everyone, is already contributing first to the therapy”, so Molly next. Everyone can do something by looking for direct contact and support those affected.

Especially the appreciation of the work of diseased persons represents a significant step for the therapy. We welcome especially employers who offer ill people a chance to train everyday work, and place their confidence in them. This is the biggest contribution to social reintegration,”Naicker added. In the Hanseatic town Salzwedel, which lies in the Northwestern Altmark between Hamburg and Magdeburg, the Dr. Nowack runs several institutions that take into account different levels of the social reintegration of people with mental disabilities Group since 1995. In addition to a nursing home, day care, out-patient assistance, as well as assisted living communities are offered. In addition, the Dr. Nowack developed the Hamburg group “Project grips work and rehabilitation” to support jobs. Nationwide advises, supports and the group participates in institutions in the field of social and health care. For more information, on the Internet:,