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Properties Of Kordes Roses

Kordes roses selection are considered to be among the best in the world. They differ astonishing beauty, abundant and long blooming, good health and good frost resistance. Many varieties of roses Kordes won international awards and medals, and also received a sign of ADR, which is assigned to a particularly decorative and resistant varieties. Background: William Cordes (1865 – 1935) in 1887 on the fertile lands Elmshorna (north Hamburg), founded the firm and nursery for growing plants, where the main crop will soon become a rose. On behalf of the dynasty begins breeders, and the modern name 'W. Kordes'Sohne ', known worldwide, the company has since 1919, when sons of the founder, Herman and William, joined forces.

William Cordes and his son, Raymer went down in history as outstanding rozovodstva originators of the XX century. A priority in the selection since the formation of family firms' W. Kordes'Sohne 'William Cordes elected excretion unpretentious and hardy roses, and recognition of the value of this work was the introduction of a new class in the classification of garden roses (Hybrid Kordesii – hybrid roses kordezii). Today, led by 'W. Kordes'Sohne 'worth the fourth generation of the dynasty. The firm is one of the world's largest producers of seedlings of roses.

She has more than 400 nurseries in many countries. The path of the new variety from inception to mass sales of long. The resulting new studied in the nursery, breeding methods are fixed characteristics of the cultivar, then tested under different environmental conditions.