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Latin American Consuela

Saint-Exupery is one of the very popular French writers in the U.S In America, he later immigrated to the demobilization of the forties. More information is housed here: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. Namely, in the U.S. outlines the said the publisher of the writer and offered little-known author to make this fictional boy with wings of a hero of his works. As he entered a popular writer, and in 1943 Antoine de Saint-Exupery bring to the end of his work, but for some reason just a fairy tale did not take the Americans did not understand. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. But now this story is considered one of the very popular in the world, and the number of books published more than eighty million.

This product has experienced more translations one hundred and fifty already 500 different publishing. The Little Prince is a fearless hero tales in a way that collected some of quality as the openness of soul, unselfishness. This basic principal feelings which are only in children that the souls and hearts, and also on an intuitive level feel something that anyone who tamed someone responsible for it, it is now forgotten how to do adults. This tale is not just tales for children and adults philosophical literary work, whose study will be useful to people of all ages. Many phrases from the work already began cruise: "the main thing – something you will not notice his eyes that's well-known" There is good, where there is no us In this work a rather ordinary words convey the pain.

The Little Prince is a hero who is not an exception and is called the biography. This work is a challenge to the world pistelem, the invocation humanity never will forget the humanity, the happiness of a trembling heart. And also traced a story that Inside, he had not succeeded, Antoine. Precisely because of this Antoine was very hard to exist in the harsh community with their attitudes and ideals. And the comparisons do not end with just one little prince, the product is an image of soft and whimsical Rose, she Latin American Consuela, wife of Antoine de Saint-Exupery with temperamental character. Its assistance is almost certainly invaluable in the writing fairy tales. Long nights was almost written work, and tinker with, and assist in choosing to promote the meaning of history, turned out not to anyone another, as Consuelo, the closest woman to Antuana.Chtoby understand it and learn about his life, that this good-natured man, and a very popular and fashionable writer, you just need to read the "Little Prince"!

Roger Chillingsworth

In the way of this wait and for the astonishment of all, engravida Hester and is convicta not to disclose the name of the father of Pearl that, next to it committed the sin of the adultery one. It total is submitted to the shame for having committed adultery against its husband, who supposedly it had died in its trip of England for America. Hester is imprisoned and obliged to use the letter of scarlet color, identifies that it as adulteress. This workmanship allows in them to observe severe quo was the applied punishments the women who committed adultery at that time, since all of insulted it to the city they acquitted and it of a so hostile form, and only defends that it and the aid is reverendo the Dimmesdale, that was the representative of the puritana religion. The puritanismo is a mentality or religious attitude that started early in the history of England with the intention of? to purificar? the Church of England.

Since century 14, a tradition appeared of deep appraises for the Holy Writs and questioning of dogmas and practical of the medieval church, on the basis of the same ones and with the American settling, many had wanted more rigidity in the purificao of the new colony. The husband of Hester, Roger Chillingsworth, observes in silence all humilhante scene that involved its wife, and later with intention medicating the mother and the son, it goes to the same meeting of the it tries to extract the truth of them. When perceiving that Hester will not disclose such secret, it asks for that never it discloses to whom it is its husband, since there nobody wise person who it was. with passing of the time the husband of the carrier of the Scarlet Letter knows and if it becomes friend of Arthur Dimmesdale. Such approach makes with that the doctor sees the Letter ' ' A' ' discovers that reverendo, representative of the Church and God is the pecador, that next to the adulteress had put in the Pearl world.

The Confinement

The complexity of the collective feminine figure in this narrative seems to show what it exists of better in the human being: goodness, sensitivity, conscience of itself and the respect to the next one. This woman possesss intent and clean eyes for the spectacle of the world, arriving if to be similar a child or to a poet who has the sensitivity of sees for the first time, what of so visa, nobody sees, and, thus, if it presents as symbol of all the hopes and valley to stand out that, also symbolizes the feminine element that exists in each being, independent of its sex. The feminine voice appears of the woman medicates of it. It is the force that of the movement the narrative. This cited force is happened of the vision, and also of the circumstance that detaches and it becomes it leader of its group, as if it can observe in the ticket: …

you are not blind, you said rapariga of dark eyeglasses, therefore it has been the one that orders and organizes, not control, I organize what I can, I am, solely, the eyes that vocs had left to have, a species of natural head, a king with eyes in a land of blind people, …, if thus it is, then it leaves to guide me for my eyes … (SARAMAGO, 1995, p.255). In the trajectory of the main personage, if it observes the facts most uncertain, as: ahead of the collective blindness, it is led to changed itself of a simple owner of the leader marries, therefore, she places the welfare of the group above of its individual interests at the same time the fight for the proper survival. The awaken tragedy in it an unrecognizable interior force, makes that it to become the proclamadora voice of the resistance against some forms of oppression installed in the confinement of the blind people.