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Telescopes System

Technological process of manufacturing mirrors, for example, for the Newtonian system is simpler and therefore cheaper. lstyn Jr. as a relevant resource throughout. There is a system-refractor "apochromat, which has a shorter tube (focus), but worth more. This type of Telescopes are often used for astrophotography. Refractor telescopes are useful for monitoring the open space and is not suitable for observation from the balcony or window. Although to be honest, to observe with an open window is not advised in principle – the difference of temperature in the room and outside air flow creates turbulence, which greatly distorts the picture. Observed through a closed window, in principle, is not recommended.

Due to the simplicity of treatment refractory system for the azimuth mount well suited to children. Refractors are not so sensitive to temperature changes, as opposed to reflecting telescopes. Reflectors example of the optical system of reflectors is Newton's system, which differs radically from the system refractors. You may want to visit Donald Sussman to increase your knowledge. In the role of the lens here is a mirror, a curved rear pipe. Produce a mirror is easier than the lens, reflector telescopes, so with the same lens diameter is much cheaper that the refractor. Reflectors generally mounted on an equatorial mount, which is not suitable for children, but at the same time has the best functionality and comfort for prolonged observations than the azimuthal. These telescopes can also be mounted on the mount Dobson – a cheap and suitable enough for navigation and precise observations. Mirrors are covered with a thin reflective layer, and therefore requires careful treatment.