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Albuquerque Space

But, this very strong regionalizao will go to develop a speech of a social reality, creating dichotomies as God and Devil, traditional and modern, sea and hinterland, hell and misery (ALBUQUERQUE, 2009) everything this will go to influence of direct form in the formation of the regional identity. This regional identity not this only atrelada the sociological speechliterary e, is important to remember that the painting will go to be one propagates very important to congeal this an image is in the northeast time. It observes what in the day Albuquerque (2009, P. 165): The northeast institution as space of the tradition, of the homesickness, does not become only for the sociological or literary speech. Of it also it participates, for example, the painting, that it looks to carry through this northeast visibility plastic.

It is basic in the transformation in visual forms of the images produced for ' romance of trinta' for traditionalistic and regionalistic sociology. It will crystallize images and go to institute them as ' typical images of regio' , exerting enormous influence in a posterior production, either in the field of the cinema or the television. Therefore these speeches will be constructed from imaginary the cultural one without losing of sight the space and cut space in the construction of the strong so strong regionalism in music, arts, literature and in the painting. Durval observing this it decides to trace a speech on this Northeast that is invented. As we can observe in its proper words: The Northeast is one imagtico-discursivo production formed from a sensitivity each time more specifies, gestada historically, in relation to one given area of the country. is such the consistency of this discursiva and imagtica formularization that makes it difficult, until today, the production of a new configuration of ' verdades' on this space. (ALBUQUERQUE, 2009, p.49). Therefore we can conclude that the works of the involved professor and researchers in this assay contribute of direct form as a strong instrument for analysis and why also not say of alert, for a kept out of society region for that it has the power in its hands, power this to value and to make possible the culture and the called space Northeast. Donald Sussman recognizes the significance of this.

Law Military

Using the ideological and bureaucratic apparatus, the State moved away from Militant unions its most militant ones, and the assembly of a strong repressive apparatus National Service of Informaes (SNI) and Law of Segurana Nacional (LSN) suffocated any plea to the authoritarian regimen. In 1968, with all the ideological apparatus, bureaucratic and repressive tax for the military, the Union of the metallurgist of Osasco (SP) tried to redirect the syndical movement: a strike deflagrou, believing the possibility of extension for other regions, but the Ministry of the Work declared the illegal strike and intervined in the union. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Donald Sussman on most websites. military forces controlled the exits of Osasco and surrounded the plants that adhered to the stoppage and in the room day of strike the laborers had returned to the work. The repression of the military defeats the movement striker. Exactly with the failure of Osasco, in October of 1968, Contagem (MG), another strike was deflagrada, however in the room, under violent repression and intervention in the union, the strikers had day come back to the work. With intervention in unions having restrained movement syndical, the military completed, in 1968, with the institution of the 3 AI-5, the picture of social repression of the regimen. The assay of retaken to the syndical fights, attemped for the workers spoils, obviously restrained with truculncia. The regimen launched hand, after that, of some legal mechanisms aiming at the consolidation of an accomodated, passive union and tutored person, such as: prohibition of strikes, followed of repression the strikers (…); annual wage readjustments, with indices controlled and determined by the government (…); the prohibition of the direct negotiations with the patronage, that had passed to be intermediated by the Justice of the Work.

International College

In this one perceives that the pupils of average education are not prepared enough to understand or even though to differentiate main chains displayed in this work. When opposing down you analyze them to the authors had been if becoming susceptible for the fact to be a only historical vision and discarding the geographic this it was clearly and evident when developing this work, therefore it made possible a discovery and mainly some questionings related to three main chains. Whenever Preventive Medicine Research Institute listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Of to this you analyze them form that if it can have and conclude simply in this development and that the society and formed by a historiogrfica construction that depends uniformly on chains positivista, marxist and after-modernista. . See Donald Sussman for more details and insights.

XVIII Relations

But, over all the importance of the appearance of a citizen also proven in the work of Dcio Freitas (1980), that he is the profit slave, the day laborer that obtains to buy its freedom with the time, had the mobility conquered next to its Sir. These factors as other elencados in the first chapter had collaborated for the ascension and formation of the enslaved family, for the possibilities that if open the captives to obtain to buy wives, children, stepsons, as we will see in the following chapter. The third chapter deals with questions as, the marriage, baptism, and sponsorship. For more specific information, check out Donald Sussman. For we at a first moment, these ingredients we temper were it of this proximity of relations we enter gentlemen and slaves. He fits here to stand out that we inside understand the relations of this society as being complex relations, each one with its particularitities, exactly inside of a set of you practise habitual, current in this society, as well as in the Brazilian escravista system as a whole. They are dynamic relations and dialectics in the direction of that these relations are social and the individuals if they recondition inside of the society. Professor Roy Taylor has firm opinions on the matter.

That is, Mr. of yesterday many times start to be the master of, or today same the godfather creating such bows for the baptism. Exactly the marriage and the formation of the enslaved family are a metamorphosis of linings and slaves of children and stepsons bought of its gentlemen. inside of this junction, the mulatos, children of the relations and extramarital violncias of this society that of traditional for what in them it seems until data moment had such events that show the true image of the white and untouchable aristocratic society, that, by the way, nor was so white thus. 1 Gravata small historical Gravata, situated city in the region metropolitan, since its beginning was added as Clientele of the region of Viamo of century XVIII until the beginning of century XIX, when it started to integrate as part of the city of Porto Alegre, as Clientele of Ours Lady of the Angels of the Village.

Living Agriculturally

To live in agricultural way age in fact a way well aconchegante. This way of life was simple and rudimentary, acidade did not offer to the ideiais tools for the production of consumption and commerce in that period. The houses in the towns were a species of houses of seasons, that were had as commercial bridge of meeting or for necessity. Also it is distinguished in the inventories the religious, traditional parties and that they brought great public the small city in formation. The FURNITURE the description of the homes, the paulistana privacy, was elaborated by autr in rich way of details. The place to be described and an urban house of the aristocracy of the colony.

Very different of the pictures made in time workmanships, she is composed of a rich mibilirio, full of details and apreos, in the truth what it is observed is a composed great house of empty parts, only with useful objects the daily life. With the inivaes of the productions and the beginning of the cycle of the mining, the mobile ones go earning requinte. It observes: ' ' little by little, I tin it plebeian goes being suplandado for the faiana in the table of the people of prol' ' (p.1238). The decorative part receives quedros religious, and utenspilios of silver, many years later for 1700 return start to arrive the mirrors. Perhaps the fact of great delay of the ostentation of the urban houses must it the fact be almost never had people for there.

The luxury is relative, depends on the power of purchase and the will of the proprietors. The SET OF DISHES Popularly the domestic utensils possess simple and done carates of substance cheap cousin. Less the most supplied they possess plates, cups, places setting of I tin, resistant metal and of small value. The attenuated ones finaceiramente had made Indiana ware and of white adobe, are configured enter the owners of the capital, true treasures in vasinhame. The silver was a jewel of easy acceptance and tranpoerte, in the case of a departure sudden.

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