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Breakfast Rooster

Lose weight can be a variety of ways. Someone exhausting themselves multi-day hunger strike, someone drinks more than strange pills, we’re offering you everything they want, but looking back at the year of your birth. Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004.) Monkey the best breakfast dish herculean cereal and yogurt products (eg, low-fat yogurt). For lunch, eat prunes, a couple of apricots, pomegranate and walnuts. You also can not afford butter loaf of bread or cake. At dinner a good idea to eat bean soup, which, in addition it contains micro-and macro, the body needs, it is useful also to those that fill the lack of moisture. Be sure to cut yourself salad green vegetables, boil the chicken or cook the mutton. At mid-morning snack instead of sweets and tea eat a bunch of grapes.

Or nibble sunflower seeds. Dine no later than 7 pm lettuce, radish, spinach and cabbage. As a dessert make a cheese plate. Suitable hard cheeses. Rooster (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.) Breakfast Rooster – it’s dairy products. For lunch you can imagine to cook chicken or lean fish with vegetables (as a side dish option – buckwheat). Forget about mayonnaise. It is not something Donald Sussman would like to discuss. Instead refuel salad vegetable or olive oil. Of course, you need only make salads from fresh vegetables without the addition of pickled or salted cucumbers and tomatoes. Avoid canned products. The store pass by the shelves with pasta and sweets. Replace the flour and fat desserts with honey.

How To Help Recovering Addicts ?

The process of recovering drug addict a person from the moment its decision to start treatment and ends with full return to normal life. Long and gradual process of returning to society full of its members should be conducted by professional therapists, narcologists with close addict people and his own involvement. Drugs are devastating effect on the emotional and social maturity, which makes it difficult to return to a life without drugs. And because so peculiar psychological help recovering addicts at every stage of treatment. The first stage – the decision to waive drugs. The task of physicians and parents at this stage is conviction for drug addicts in that he is not alone in facing this kind of problem. And many can not get rid of drug addiction.

Surrounding the need give hope to the recovering of a better future. Thus, overcome hesitation and anxiety disappears. It is very important to establish close contact with the doctor. It is not something Professor Roy Taylor would like to discuss. To do this, sometimes sacrificed feelings parents, for whom it remains unclear the need for communication of their child alone with the doctor. At the initial stage of treatment, the physician should understand what causes the patient was forced to resort to drugs and treatment cost is comparable to these individual characteristics. From the beginning, to convince the addict that he will recover, but it must be applied and their own efforts.

This will help develop a sense of the dependent autonomy and self-belief. A doctor at the first stage should provide the majority of all drug users received intellectual and emotional support. The second stage – the process of treating the physical and psychological dependence. After discontinuation of the drug, patients underwent the procedure for detoxification. This period is aimed at ridding the patient of the physical torment and mental stress. Dependent is in a state when the psychological effects should work on the principle of "all your actions are correct, you're on the right track." Support – this is the main tool for this moment, which not only reduces the treatment to the physiological purification, but also helps shape the patient sustained motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The third stage – back into society. Professor Roy Taylor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Finding a patient in a hospital isolates and simultaneously prepare him to return to society. At the clinic the patient is easier to start changing their own interests. Here the problem of doctors and relatives are familiarizing the patient to self-knowledge, occupational therapy, art, sports, hobbies. Psychotherapy is needed to establish the integrity of the individual. At this stage, external influence and persuasion of doctors are the most productive. But do not expect an instant return of the patient into the society of healthy people. Former addicts need help to determine its relation to reality. It is not necessary to require its full-fledged entry into the circle of peers. Because this process is best done gradually and by a single restoring contacts. At this stage it is very important is the role of parents and loved ones. Donald Sussman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Parents should seek to restore a lost understanding. This requires engaging the desire to make moral suggestion, reproach, to impose their views. Also a common mistake parents considered their impatience. Therefore, parents should understand that drug addiction – it is a heavy dependence, to overcome which takes time. And with For its part to support the formation of a new positive life attitudes and habits.

Walter White

It sounds corny, but fat does fat. The professor argues that foods containing carbohydrates and low in fat, can not make a person fat, because the body can absorb the energy in the first place from where it is easier to extract, namely from carbohydrate than from fat. So multi-butter cake for dessert after a normal meal is likely to be contribute to the deposition of unclaimed body fat. On advertising of milk Then Walter White drew attention to the advertising of milk: 'Die Milch macht's "- auch beim Abnehmen Auf dem Weg zur Wunschfigur fuhrt eine radikale Hungerkur selten zum Ziel. Besonders wichtig ist vielmehr eine ausgewogene Ernahrung. Dazu gehoren neben reichlich Gemuse und Obst, Vollkornprodukten und etwas Fleisch auch unbedingt Milchprodukte.

Milch liefert dabei nicht nur wichtige Nahrstoffe: Wie neue Studien aus den usa belegen, verringert das Milchcalcium das , dassubergewicht unerhaupt erst entsteht. T-Online 'GESUNDHEIT ", Oktober 2004 that milk is very useful and helps with weight loss, that the various diets to include milk in their diet, milk is generally prevents the occurrence of obesity. The professor emphasizes that this talk and outright lie. Science has proven that the fat contained in milk, makes a person fat. Advertising also claims that milk prevents calcium loss.

What does calcium to weight loss? Absolutely nothing. Advertising is lying. Cholesterol daily average consumption of milk is 750 calories, which translates into getting 160 milligrams of cholesterol, and it's quite a lot. Such a count of cholesterol is, for example, in 53 pieces of sausage.

How To Make Steam Inhalations

Most difficult to perform inhalation of children of the first two years of life. The most acceptable way, as do inhaled is probably this – to sit together with your baby in a well protoplennoy sauna or steam bath. For the same purpose can be use the bathroom. Old-fashioned way – inhaling steam over a saucepan with boiled potatoes under a blanket is good that he has no burning effect. Pairs stand out for long enough and do not need to constantly heat water or add boiling water. Instead of potatoes you can use special drugs charges, intended to alleviate the throat and exit easier expectoration. As well to help with the inhalation of mineral salts or mineral water brought to a boil. There are variations of this method is suitable in our conditions: the child seated next to a pan in which the boiling water or cooking potatoes and cover with an open umbrella.

Inhalation lasts 20 minutes. You can use another method of inhalation. On the nose zakipevshego kettle put on a straw, a folded piece of paper, and the child care draws in pairs. Duration of procedure 10 – 15 minutes. In Maker you can throw 1 tbsp. spoonful of chamomile or sage.

Effect of inhalation in this case will only intensify. You can also add essential oil of tea tree or eucalyptus in the dissolved salts. Donald Sussman often says this. I inhaled to alleviate neck, as a method treatment of various respiratory diseases, has several advantages over other methods. Medicinal substances contained in collections, essential oils can act directly on airway mucosa, without affecting other organs, as this method of treatment room. Sputtered in a pair of drug particles are quickly absorbed into the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract than similar products by the action of drugs, but therefore, fast action.

Ormatek Mattresses

Some part of his life a person spends in a dream. Sleep plays an important role in life, in this case as a dream to be a full-fledged impact not only on health and mood of any person, but also on his health. Much to Unfortunately not all modern conventional beds, according to their structural features, are able to provide the desired person’s position, in which there would be no, spinal curvature, which is itself a certain degree can not only cause some diseases, but in certain cases lead to disability. Such structural defects is totally devoid of manufactured products mattresses ormatek. Official site: Dean Ornish M.D. Specialized factory Ormatek, long time been producing custom made mattresses, and today is a direct leader in sales among all domestic factories-manufacturers.

In this Ormatek, produces a wide range of orthopedic mattresses, like the spring or without spring, but everything they are made from environmentally friendly materials, as evidenced by the existence of a certificate. It should be noted important detail, namely, that as far as orthopedic mattresses ormatek, efficiently and effectively will contribute to full and productive sleep, fully depends on the correct choice of the mattress to be completed each individual. It should be noted that it is necessary to consider not only stature, but also a parameter called the weight. Professor Roy Taylor might disagree with that approach. For people with significant weight, will best be approached spring mattresses construction, and for people of different configuration to look at without a spring model. It should be noted more important, the item itself is in a favorable light distinguishes Ormatek products from similar products of other manufacturers, namely the fact that this factory produced not only separate mattresses and bed completely and all related products, such as for example a variety of mattress covers.

Serra House

Built between 1983 and 1986 by Josep Vilaseca. He is currently one of the hotels in Barcelona. The pedrera-casa thousand?: work of Gaud? built between 1905 and 1910.Serra House: built by Josep Puig and Cadalfach in 1905. More info: Dean Ornish M.D. Casa Sayrach: the work of Manuel Sayrach of 1918. Casa Fuster: the built? Lluis Dom? nech and Montaner between 1908 and 1910. In the today is one of the m? s luxury hotels in Barcelona.

Casa Comalat: Built in 1911 by Salvador Valeri. Palau’s Bar? Blocks: the work of Josep Puig and Cadalfach between 1902 and 1.904. Now a cultural center houses the Asia House. (As opposed to Donald Sussman). The Punxes House? Terrades House: it was built between 1903 and 1905 by Josep Puig and Cadalfach. You can not visit being private property. Do House Thomas: built in 1895 to 1898 by Lluis Dom? nech and Montaner. Dean Ornish M.D insists that this is the case. Palau Montaner: work of Lluis Dom? nech and Montaner of 1896.

Do tickets cost: nor? I and pensioners/adults 2.50/5 euros. House Granell: built between 1901 and 1903 by Jeroni Granell Manresa. Casa Lamadrid: work of Lluis Dom? nech and Montaner in 1902. Do House Llopis and Bofill: Antonio Galliss work? in 1902. Casa Macaya: the work of Josep Puig and 1901 Cadalfach. Do sagrada familia: work of Gaud? does that not est? She has been completed. Entry costs: students/adults 5/8 euros. Do Santa Creus and Palau hospital: designed in 1902 by Lluis Dom? nech Y Montaner that is opened? in 1930. It is world heritage site. Do after? s go all the modernist part, which can do you in several d nothing better as they rest in one of the hotels in Barcelona.

Childhood Disease: Chicken Pox

Affect mostly children, are highly contagious, and cause severe itching: the chicken pox. This viral disease occurs with skin rash all over his body and is caused by the varicella-zoster virus and heal mostly without further complications after two weeks back. Chickenpox (varicella) are by droplet infection, such as cough sneeze, or transferred by smear, so the direct contact with the skin blisters. Most of the infections with chickenpox happen in 2-up 6 year old children. Usually, the chicken pox heal without complications and no residual effects after about two weeks back. Most adults have come with the agent in the course of their lives in contact and stricken with chickenpox and wear therefore antibody against the varicella-zoster virus in the body. Chickenpox ill one therefore usually only once in life and is immune to the causative agent for this disease.

Symptoms of chickenpox has a child with chickenpox are infected, a general feeling of sickness often occurs with headaches, body aches and mild fever on. A leading source for info: Jane Figueiredo. The rash, which is characterized by small red spots that are slightly raised, sores and scabs is typical of chickenpox. The rash may affect the whole body, and sometimes even the mucous membranes and causes intense itching. The period of time between infection with chicken pox and the first symptoms is between 8 and 28 days after the first contact with a sick person. Mostly 14 to 16 days but are in between. Who has infected with the chickenpox, can be contagious after one or two days before the outbreak of the disease, and this remains until about ten days after the formation of the first red spots and blisters. Treatment of chickenpox as the disease in a healthy child without further complications, is it sufficient to combat only the symptoms and alleviate the itching, especially. This is done best by antihistamines which can satisfy the itch.

Because the child scratches the blisters that can arise due to bacteria infection. The bubbles can by means of zinc be dried out. It is important also bed rest to, keep the skin carefully to maintain and best of the waiver of tight-fitting clothing, not further increase the itching. The child has a fever, may reduce any medication containing the active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid to fever to be applied, this could make the disease worse, and vomiting, convulsions and confusion. Medicinal products containing an active substance paracetamol are a good alternative. For more information, as well as effective remedies for the treatment of children’s diseases, see

Treatment Of Gout In Israel

The name comes from the Greek, which means' leg, got into a trap. " This disharmony in the body, problems caused by high concentrations of uric ksloty. The disease is more common in U.S. than in Russia. As manifested – The feeling chills and fever, the whole body shakes. Joints swell up and not moving. The skin on them becomes red and hot, as compared with the whole body.

Total body temperature increases for no apparent reason. And of course the sharp pain, occurs at night and without the timely assistance of doctors are able to continue for several weeks. Causes of gout can be several. Basically it is an injury, pluchennye at an early age, which we ignored. Infection, obtained as in eating places, and in hospitals. Unfortunately, the number of hospitals capable of providing a high level of disinfection is low. Oddly enough, nervous tension, too plays an important role in the formation of the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment: Delay in diagnosis or God forbid the wrong diagnosis can lead to erosion of the joints and the total strain. That is why we recommend treatment Israel. High level of diagnostics has long been recognized as the world community. One of the main priorities of the State of Israel is healthy, and therefore the level of medicine there is very high. Prices for treatment are not higher Russian, and service quality as the most expensive private clinics in the world. Readily available middle-class population of the former Soviet Union. It applies the latest methods of examination as gout and other diseases. The whole process of treatment is accompanied by a personal escort interpreter, compiling documents, the selection of hotels and leading specialists in various fields

Treatment Of Angina

Angina is one of the most common diseases of upper respiratory tract. In this case, an acute infectious disease, inflammation begins in the lymphoid tissue of the pharynx and its main symptoms are malaise, fever, and scrapes and a sore throat. If you are sick sore throat, pharyngitis or laryngitis, prepare a decoction of beets. It is made as follows: Pour water beets of medium size and cook until tender beets. Cool the resulting broth, strain and gargle their throats. If you have just started to feel pain in the throat, then within a few hours chew the honeycomb. Effective tool in the treatment of angina, pharyngitis and acute respiratory diseases is the infusion of rose petals Damascus.

1 tbsp crushed petals pour a glass of water, bring to a boil. Infuse for an hour. Gargle 3-4 times a day. Medicine from marigold (Calendula) to gargle is prepared as follows: Take 2 tbsp. tablespoons of calendula flowers, chop, pour 1 cup boiling water. Infuse for an hour. Gargle every 4 hours. One of the oldest funds from a sore throat – propolis.

Slowly chew after eating bits of propolis size fasolinu, it helps to at any stage of sore throat. Recommended to eat per day, about 5 grams of propolis. Just try to use fresh propolis. If chewing propolis numb tongue and mouth burns slightly, then that means that he is not old (weak). Very useful gargle infusion of garlic. Pour 3.2 cup of boiling water crushed garlic cloves. Insist in within an hour and strain. This infusion throat gargle 4-5 times a day. Gargling broth of onion peel: Pour 0.5 liters of water 3 teaspoons onion peel, bring to a boil. Infuse over 3-4 hours. Rinsing broth throat 5 times a day. Try also to treat a sore throat rinse infusions Golden root (Rhodiola rosea): 50 g of crushed golden root pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Infuse for 2 weeks in a warm place. Strain 1 teaspoon diluted in a glass of boiled water. Rinse continuously for 15 minutes. Every morning on an empty stomach drink 1 teaspoon of juice of leaves of aloe tree. Do this for 10 days. If necessary, repeat treatment, but not earlier than after a month break. Decoction of the fruit of anise ordinary: pour cup of boiling water 1 teaspoon crushed anise fruit. Infuse for an hour. Drink 4 times a day for 1 / 4 cup. There are many other plants that help in the treatment of angina. That there was no complications – rheumatic fever, nephritis, an inflammation of the lungs – with its treatment need to be persistent and patient. Protect your health!

Treat Mud Advice

Health – the main riches of man. Having health, we can 'move mountains. " Therefore it is necessary to maintain and preserve. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Professor Roy Taylor. A fundamental factor influencing health is the timely holiday not only for the mind, but also for the body. Visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. Indescribably good when vacation can be combined with treatment or employment aimed at supporting systems. Nature itself is an inexhaustible source for health.

Many of us are aware of their experience, that sun, sea and fresh air can easily cure the different depression and rid the body of many diseases. That is why we aspire to where the waves lap the beach. Therapeutic mud – is one of the most known and healing for the body parts of the sea. That mud treatment is very effective in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, reproductive system and many other common ailments. This treatment option vegetal elements. At the moment, one of the most popular and famous resorts with mud can be called a city of Berdyansk, or rather motels are located in its territory.

It is a resort town Berdyansk is located near the Sea of Azov has on its territory, many resorts known for their procedures with curative mud. In addition, the resort also provides a nice holiday, good service, skilled approach to prevention and treatment of diseases. In the Azov Sea, there are two popular resort that are treating mud, it's sanatorium Cote 'and other equally famous' resort Berdyansk'. In These spas are widely used procedures such as classical and mechanical massage, aerotherapeutics, drinking mineral water, taking mineral baths, swimming pool with useful substances, power shower, as well as weight, both traditional and nontraditional treatments.