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Invasive Patient

In front of the current knowledge, much more important of what the operational principles of the fan are its potentialities and capacities in taking care of to the different necessities of the respiratory system of the patient. In physical terms, true ‘ ‘ casamento’ ‘ of impedances between the two parts (patient and fan) it would have all to be the goal of modern ventilatrio support. To deepen your understanding Donald Sussman is the source. (KNOBEL, 2002, p.344) When the patient in ventilation use mechanics evolves with alterations in its picture of health, demonstrating for some times signals of respiratory discomfort, can be suggested that the individual necessity of this patient is not being taken care of for the adopted ventilatrio way. The ventilation adopted mechanics of adequate form must take care of to the innumerable respiratory necessities of the patient. An individual plan to all can be carried through the patients who are in use of artificial ventilation, what she allows to a more specific boarding and accompaniment of each patient, beyond facilitating to the identification of possible changes in which had the general state of the nursing patient, thus applying well-taken care of following the adequate norms.

With the VENTILATION the technological advances related the invasive procedures, as the mechanical fans, that stop disgnostic and treatment of patologias its exit has as purpose to pump air to the pulmes facilitating, can also present complications as, for example, appearance of multiresistant microorganisms the antimicrobialses that become the hospital infections a problem of public health. The use of mechanical fan at the same time where he is beneficial can bring also obtains some curses, simply for the possibility of future, if not folloied correctly, cause respiratory illnesses to the user, therefore the importance of one has equipped joined and responsible to take care of to the necessities of the patient preventing possible complications with the use of mechanical fan.

Guanabara Koogan Cancer

With regard to the high one of the SRPA, the nurse must on the basis of evaluate the aptitude for high the stability of the vital signals (…). Many equip of SRPA use a system of prop up objective that acute to determine when the customers can be set free. It props up it of aldrete, or it props up of recovery after anaesthetic. When the customer is apt to receive high from the SRPA, the nurse must communicate if with the unit of nursing, to report the vital signals, the type of surgery and carried through anesthesia, sanguineous loss level of consciences, general physical conditions and presence of lines IV or drains (POTTER; PERRY, 2004). FINAL CONSIDERAES It knows if that the main cause of the breast cancer is the visceral malignant neoplasia and is one of main causes of death for breast cancer, including its factors as: genetics, ambient, cultural such factors are involved in its development. In this article it intended if to call the attention for the importance the cares of nursing in the recovery of the postoperative and psychological patient when submitted to the surgery of the breast cancer. Visit Cleveland Clinic for more clarity on the issue.

It looked if to emphasize on the context of the beginning of the cancer, definition, causes, complications, education in health, as well as emphasis in the elaboration of the cares of nursing, lapsing and disgnostic. The actions and the lapsings will have to happen for all the nursing team, a time that are integrant part in the process of recovery after – surgical of the patient. Therefore it can evidence that it is of basic importance for the nursing, to contribute in the promotion of the recovery of the patient with breast cancer, putting in practical the plan of care through use I think of it, of the nursing process, making possible one better aiming of the nursing assistance, guaranteeing the care of quality. It still looked if to establish the lapsings and disgnostic of nursing, that help the nurses to give to it directly with the customer, to plan the assistance, optimizing the time and guaranteeing the quality in the attendance. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES PORT, Celmo Celeno. Medical Semiologia. 5 Edition.

Rio De Janeiro: Publishing company Guanabara Koogan, 2005. SON, Brazilian Geraldo. Bogliolo/Pathology. 6 Edition. Rio De Janeiro: Guam publishing company

Intensive Therapy

The work in Unit of Tratamento Intensivo (U.T.I) is complex and intense, having the nurse to be prepared for at any time, to take care of patients with important hemodinmicas alterations, which require specific knowledge and great ability to take decisions and to implement them in skillful time. In such a way, it can be assumed that the nurse plays important role in the scope of the Unit of Intensive Therapy. Had to its characteristics, they are units of high cost that demand continuous evaluation of the results so that they keep its survival. Thus, the challenge that if places is to conciliate high standards of assistance to a low cost, for what the quantitative one of nursing staff concurs, a time that the budget of this team constitutes 50% of the total costs in UTI (MIRANDA, 2003). Thus being, the adequacy of the human resources of nursing, according to necessities of the serious patients, and the evaluation of its effect in the results of the assistance constitutes subject of interest in UTIs (KURCGANT, 2006). In the context of the quality of the services of health of one it forms generality and of the UTIs, in particular, the nursing assumes role of prominence for constituting the biggest group of health professionals, as well as for keeping daily and uninterrupted contact with the patient, promoting the maintenance, recovery and whitewashing of the health by means of the care and, being able to influence in the judgment of the patients on the quality of the given services (IT HISSES, 2001). However, the installment of individualizado attendance, with technician-scientific ability, carried through by means of work integrated and cooperative, directed to the security of the patients, depends on some organizacionais factors, between them the quantitative one of the nursing staff (GAIDZINSKI, 1998). Revision of literature carried through since the decade of 70, concluded that the load of work of nursing in the UTIs is one of the main factors that contribute for the security of the patients (CARAYON, 2005).


In the case of rupture of varicosas veins, a serious bleed can occur, over all when they will be esofgicas. (MANUAL-MERCK, 1995). Diagnosis the diagnosis is carried through through the story of the symptoms and examinations of laboratory, as of blood, excrements and piss. Other examinations can be requested, as: cat scan computerized of abdome; extreme-sonografia abdominal; nuclear resonance of biliary ways and the region of the pncreas; also the bipsia of the fabric. (INCA).

Treatment The cure of the cancer of pncreas alone is possible when this will be detected in initial phase. In the passveis cases of surgery, the indicated treatment more is the resseco, depending on the period of training of the tumor. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. insists that this is the case. In patients whose examinations already had shown metstases at a distance or are in precarious clinical state, indicated the immediate palliative treatment more is the rank of endo-prtese. (INCA). ) Surgery: The majority of the cancers occurs in the head of the pncreas.

Patients that they need surgical resseco the pancreatoduodenectomia (resseco of the distal region of the stomach, the vesicle, of coldoco, head of the pncreas, superior duodeno, and jejuno) or the total pancreatectomia is submitted (removed of the body and the tail of the pncreas and bao and a regional linfadenectomia). The complications include hemorrhage, trombose, infection, and gastric retention. b) Chemotherapy: The pancreticas cancerous cells are relatively resistant to the chemotherapy; 5-FU and mitomicina-C are the agents who get separately bigger reply, but currently come being used combinations with better answers. These include estreptozotocinas, mitomicina-C and 5-FU; 5-FU, doxorrubicina and mitomicina-C. c) X-ray: The x-ray use is restricted for its proximity with structures that restrict the dose, as kidneys, intestine, liver and spinal marrow. It estresse it caused for the illness generally can be alliviated by the participation in a group of support, where the members share experiences and problems in common.

Intensive Therapy

The pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics is considered important cause of sepse in the patient who presents respiratory insufficience, being able to be sufficiently difficult distinguiz it of other pathological conditions in the patient in ventilation mechanics. Due to high mortality of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics its diagnosis and treatment must be precocious, what it reduces the severity of the illness and improves its prognostic. (David, 2000 apud RASP; PACE; MEDEIROS; VIRGNIO, the 2007) pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics are a frequent infection in the Units of Intensive Therapy, and the suspicion of this it occurs when a patient under respiratory procedure develops new or a gradual one influenced pulmonary associate to the fever and purulenta traqueobrnquica secretion causing increase the period of hospitalization, the indices of morbimortalidade and with significant repercussion in the costs. The team to multidiscipline operating in unit of necessary intensive therapy to be intent for the factors of risk of the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics, being able in such a way, to carry through the therapeutical introduction of adequate that it makes possible resulted better physicians. As David (2001 apud RASP; PACE; MEDEIROS; VIRGNIO, 2007), the pneumonia associated with the ventilation mechanics is consequence of the lack of balance between mechanisms of defense of the individual and the microbiano agent, had to the size of it I inoculate or virulence of the microorganism. The nursing team must have constant concern how much to the factors that increase the settling of bacteria in patients in the ventilation use mechanics, in order to diminish the risks of infections to the user of this. The responsible multiprofessional team for a unit of intensive therapy must watch over for the integrity of its patients, knowing that these if find in an advanced degree of dependence and vulnerability, mainly when this patient if it finds connected to a ventilation system mechanics, becoming them still more susceptveis the respiratory infections as the pneumonia, that can still more aggravate the picture of health of this patient, what it makes it difficult its treatment and it draws out its recovery. .

Surgical Center

Today, the professional who defends the moral principle of the biotica is considered sick mental, moved away from the service and disabled to exert its function; while this another autodenomina category that if ' ' antitico' ' it works freely feeding medieval vices: ' ' false truth, injustice and corrupo' ' that it is without a doubt the main factor that premakes use the illnesses in the Brazilian population. As representative of the health in the country, I cannot remain without action front the following picture; of a side the universities forming professional to execute its activities with ethics, technique and scientific knowledge, of the other, companies who seem to ignore the laws of the professional exercise, while in the center the classroom advice (federal and state) remain inert and anmicos front to this problem that is next to a conflict, (ethical x? antiethics and tiantico). Reasonable solution for the problem: unit of the Group of Apoio Tcnico Mediador (GATEM) in the capitals and the act of contract of a professional technician with heading of Mediador Cientfico Preventivo (MCP) in all public company or private who gives public service in the country; GATEM & MCP are two of the four indispensable segments that the PROJECT forms PRESS. But as to bind a extra-hospital with the course of specialization in nursing in center surgical project, being that, the university demands a subject of interest of the sector so that is accepted as project and either possible to defend the idea. The surgical center is located inside of the hospital and receives patient from all the sectors intra-hospital; the intra-hospital function receives the patients from the extra-hospital function that encloses the population of the city and region; the city receives people from the country and the country receives people from the world. The lack of human resources is today one of the main problems of the nurse in surgical center.

The First

In the first case, they allow to the integrant ones of the hearing to organize the material presented verbally for the presenter and to follow the track proposta.21 Thousands of agents of development in the whole world could use visual posters and other resources. However, it has much lack of simple visual resources on health desenvolvimento.22 Usar of visual resources will go to facilitate very in communities where the people are illiterate, the figures can become very efficient educational instruments making possible of the customer thus to understand the message to be passed. The second question is related the participation and the acceptance of the group of the third age the education for health on DST where it evidenced that 92% of the aged ones accept very well and participate of these orientaes.enquanto 8% of the aged ones little participate because of the shyness and resistance. Emerging as categories: Category 1: Resistance the Change ' ' Constrangidos are a little, but they are resistant to prevenes' ' Dep.30 ' ' The group participates little, therefore resistance to assunto&#039 exists; ' Dep.13 ' ' The aged ones still demonstrate sufficiently resistance in relation to the ways of prevention. Dep.16 Resistance the Changes as the behavior that it intends to protect the individual of the effect of a real or imaginary modification. 23 Changes are necessary and of basic importance for the evolutivo process, in the search of if obtaining improvements in all or parts of the event, or projeto.24 the resistance is a problem that will be faced by who wants that it carries through changes. Although it is a strange and unexpected behavior, it has causes that they can be understood by the fact of being new. Category 2: Participation ' ' Very good, they are accepted with interest and ateno' ' Dep.5 ' ' Acceptance is very good. it is a participativo group and that it adheres to the information ' ' Dep.23 ' ' The group is participativo, is interessados&#039 well; ' Dep.14 With the participation can be learned and be perfected by practical and the reflection. p you with your research.


Ascaris lumbricoides the parasitic diseases are pointed, mainly, as indicating of socioeconmico development of a country and a frequent problem of public health having unchained, beyond gastrointestinal problems, low corporal income and consequent delay in the pertaining to school income (PINE et al., 2007). In our country, the number of individuals with some type of enteroparasitose sabidamente is mainly raised in peditricas populations (0-5 years) and children in pertaining to school age (SAINTS et al., 2006). The Ascaridase is the most frequent parasatism human being (REY, 2001). The Ascaris lumbricoides, parasite nematelminto of the classroom of nematides, known as ‘ ‘ lom-briga’ ‘ , cause intestinal in human beings, in general assintomtica infection or with few symptoms, as abdominal, diarria pain, vomits and anorexy. In massive infections it can cause important complications, as nutricional deficiency, pneumonite, blockage intestinal and of the ductos pancretico and biliary, among others, some fatal times (IN-NOCENTE et al.

; 2008). 1.2.Morfologia the study of the morphology of this parasite must be made observing the evo-lutivas phases of its biological cycle, that is, the adult worms male and female (Figure 1) and the fertile and infertile eggs (Figure 2). It is important to remember that the size of the units of. the lumbricoides ones is in the dependence of the number of lodged parasites and the nutricional state of the host (SNOWS et al. ; 2008). – Male: When adult, the 30 cm of length measures about 20 and presents milky color. The mouth or buccal vestibule is located in the previous extremity, and is contouring for three strong lips with milling of dentices and without interlbios. The mouth, follows muscular esophagus e, then after, the rectilinear intestine. The rectum is found next to the posterior extremity. It presents filiform testicule and enovelado, that if it differentiates in deferential canal, continues for the ejaculador canal, confiding in the cloaca, located next to the posterior extremity.


Since the ingestion until the elimination of eggs it leads of 2 the 2,5 months (DOHMS, 2008). Figure 3. Biological cycle of the Ascaris lumbricoides. Source: (2009). 2.2.Diagnstico the disgnostic can be made in two ways the physician who more difficult and is delayed, therefore, lead in consideration the symptoms presented for the patient and the labo-ratorial that is the egg research in excrements, for method of the spontaneous sedimentation (DOHMS, 2008). The possibility of diagnosis of Ascaris for the accomplishment of EPF (Examination Parasitolgico de Fezes) for the method of Kato-Katz still exists (MELO et al., 2004).

In the procedure for excrement collection, the patient must be guided to use a clean and dry bottle, to identify it, to write down the schedule of the collection, and the material must be carried the laboratory or then fixed and conserved in refrigerator immediately 4 C. The used fixing are the polivilnico alcohol (for trofozotos) and formol 10% or MIF (mertiolato, iodine and formol) for eggs or cysts. (MELO et al., 2004). The visualization of the adult worms eliminated by vomit is possible also or excrements. (MELO et al., 2004). It is important to identify verminose in question, in order to treat and to prevent parasitic infections, with intention to prevent probable epidemics and formation of new endemic areas (PITTNER et al., 2007). In the leucograma eosinofilia in the cases of ascaridase can be evidenced (MELO et al., 2004).

In the accomplishment of the EPF for laboratorial diagnosis, the method of spontaneous sedimentation, that was described for Lutz in 1919, in Brazil, and standardized can be used for Hoffman, Pons and Janer, in 1934, in Rich Port. Of easy low execution and cus it to you, it is used in the clinical laboratories and inquiries epidemiologists (RASP et al., 2008). In the procedure excrement g is necessary to transfer of 2 the 4, in a bottle of Borrel and to disarrange them in water, with a baton of glass or plastic.

Vesical Cateterizao

The 4 factors of risk for hospital Infection involve: 7 – Time of permanence in the UTI superior the 48 hours; – Ventilation invasive mechanics; – Disgnostic of trauma; – Vesical Cateterizao, of central vein, pulmonary artery; – Presence of Prophylaxis of ulcer of stress. The biggest taxes of hospital infection are observed in patients in the extremities of the age and the services of oncologia, surgery and intensive therapy. In the last decade microorganisms gram-positives, in special the Staphylococcus aureus, had emerged as important .causing agents of infection of the sanguine chain. These infections acometem patient in all the etrias bands, more frequently in the age extremities and present worse prognostic in patients with age above of 50 years. 12 The nursing team is the group most numerous and that bigger time is in contact with the sick person interned in hospitals. The nature of its work, that includes the installment of physical cares and the execution of disgnostic and therapeutical procedures, becomes it a basic element in the actions of prevention, detention and control of the hospital infection.

Although the formation of the nurses includes contents that surround this problematic one, the same not if of the one with the excessively professional ones of nursing, as technician and the nurse aid that, under the supervision of the nurse, its activities exert, being in charge of this, the monitoring on the hospital infections. In the universe of concerns of the nurse whom it co-ordinates the nursing assistance is gifts some relative fidgets to the work processes: to teach, to search, to manage and to attend in nursing. The complexity and interlocution of these processes defy the capacity of the nurse in diagnosising and considering efficient interventions of nursing. Its perception highly is demanded, as well as its ability in prioritizing problems and implementing action. 11 Existe concern, on the part of the nursing team, with the risk of infection the one that is citizens the patients interned in UTI.