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Business Resources

Why resources should be justified, the business plan must conform to the coverage area if I put that much income will I have in a very small town by advertising, the Bureau’s assessment won’t believe it is. Employment generated, 15 points. It must also be consistent. And keep in mind that the percentage of disabled staff can resolve to please our offer in the event of a tie. The last 5 points of this part can be achieved depending on the commitment that we acquire in the offer do not transmit the license. If you commit to not transmit it long term, you get more points. IN programming (up to 35 points) local programming.

If you do programming relative to your frequency coverage area you can get up to 2.5 points. Others including Preventive Medicine Research Institute, offer their opinions as well. Regional programming: this section does not include local programming, if not of type informational, cultural, educational, etc. which make reference to the entire community. This may involve 2.5 points also. Promotion of the cultural values of the region of Valencia, as for example if it emits des de Alcoy, must speak of Moors and Christians, etc. This section assumes 2.5 points. News programmes. You may assume up to 5 points depending on the number of hours that you spend this kind of programming.

5 points can behave that you may leave review until 50% of the programming in Valencian. It is important to note that this point does not apply in Monforte del Cid, Villena, Segorbe, Requena and Utiel. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted on this topic. Proprietary and exclusive programs. Importantly that the offer must be unique from your scope of coverage trying to emit minimum of programming in possible chain. This can add a maximum of 5 points. Issued more than 12 hours a day can be a maximum of 2.5 points. Avoid retransmissions would allow us to add 5 points. Plurality. A time of scoring shall take account of the emergence of new actors on the market and will be valued above different to existing programming offers. 2.5 points as a maximum. Therefore, if you want to have chances to get a radio license please note that your offer should reflect the most important aspects of your station. It calls for a unique and personalized offer for you, drawn up by experts and checks the professionalism of those who work in the drafting of your offer. And above all, do not deliver anything that you have not validated and agreed with your consultant and requires a copy of the documentation provided at the time of the signing.