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The Workstation

Each one of the item treated in this article formulates a manual and cartilha that it is divulged for all the sectors of form written in good agreement and with training praises that it. Some contend that Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. shows great expertise in this. Generally the biggest modifications that can be carried through to prevent occupational accidents and to prevent the inadequate manuscript of residues are the training. Utmost importance must be given to this item, therefore of it is that all happens the conscience that if it intends to reach above with two cited publications. A time that the residues must be classified under a sufficiently specific optics for employees who many times face situations of stress sufficiently, see that the constant and cyclical training is essential. PROCEDURES OF SECURITY IN LABORATORIES OF CLINICAL ANALYSES the work in a laboratory represents a series of characteristics differentiate that it of what they are developed in other areas. The existing risks are not, in general, evaluated enough and have proper characteristics. Here, Donald Sussman expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A aspect to consider is the variety of carried through tasks since we can detect the risks and its consequences that will depend evidently on the existing installations and the carried through activities.

Another characteristic is its intensity, therefore it has places that they produce intense expositions prompt. One third particularitity is multiplicity of risks. It is extremely important that the work carried through in a laboratory is executed in the way most correct and possible insurance. All well-taken care of it is little and all task must be planned. Moreover a laboratory is a place of constant learning. To be in harmony with the workstation is an essential necessity. In the EAS it is verified that constantly the employees who carry through collections in the laboratory, are displayed to all the risks of the sectors of the establishment, a time that cover all the units in collections of interned patients.

The Environment

In thesis, this functions very well for any material damage (or that it can be valorar, as in the case, the price of the cans of inks that will be used to remodel the painting of the house). Let us assume now, that instead of ruining the painting of the house, same smoke develops a respiratory illness in the son of the family who inhabits there. How that the company would internalizaria this factor? Paying to doctors and remedies for the child? as is the quality of life of that family? This is one of my critical strongest ones at the outset, therefore in my opinion, certain things cannot be defrayed of form some. Bringing for the ambient side and leaving the social side of side, if this same pollution had caused the extinguishing of a species of trees. The plantation of other changes in the place would be the sufficient ruins to cover it caused for the pollution? What I want to show making these questions is that necessary to be clearly the difference it enters a physical damage (social as in such a way ambient) and a pain and suffering, and more clearly still, that for many people do not have money that she obtains to pay a pain and suffering. PEREIRA7 backwards a question well interesting associate to this point. According to them, the ambient quality if bases on two vectors of protection, the protection of the life human being and the protection of the proper environment. However, in the end this an anthropocentric thought, therefore theoretically only we protect the environment and biodiversity because in the deep one we know that they are who make the maintenance of the balance of the ecosystem in which we insert in them. A point key of this principle is the economic power, that is, it moves with the profits of the polluting agent.

The Interior

ECODESENVOLVIMENTO OR SUPPORT Is a development theory that it aims at integrates ecological dimension in the problematic one of the economic development, guaranteeing the sustenance of the future generations. AREA OF PRESERVATION PERMANTE- APP. Areas protected for law covered or not for native vegetation, with the ambient function to preserve the hdricos resources, the landscape, the geologic stability, biodiversity, the gnico flow of fauna and flora, to protect the ground and to assure the welfare of the populations human beings. LEGAL RESERVE Area located in the interior of a property or agricultural ownership, executed of preservation, necessary to the sustainable use of the natural resources, the conservation and whitewashing of the ecological processes, the conservation of biodiversity and protected from fauna and native flora. ECOLOGICAL STATION Brazilian representative ecosystem Areas, destined the accomplishment of research basic and applied of ecology the protection of the natural environment and to the development of the conservacionista education. BIOLOGICAL RESERVE is destined the protection of excellent ecosystems, fauna and flora, where the scientific activity is only allowed, since that authorized for the competent authority. NATIONAL PARK Possesss as objective main the preservation of natural ecosystems of great ecological relevance and scenic beauty.

NATURAL MONUMENT These areas have intention to preserve rare, singular natural small farms or of great scenic beauty. SHELTER OF WILD LIFE destined Units to protect natural environments that can assure ideal conditions for the existence or reproduction of species or flora communities place and of the resident or migratory fauna. AREA OF AMBIENT PROTECTION Is units of conservation, destined to protect and to conserve the ambient quality and the natural systems existing in some places, being aimed at the improvement of the quality of life of local populations. AREA OF EXCELLENT ECOLOGICAL INTEREST Areas that possess extraordinary natural characteristics or shelter rare units of biota regional. NATIONAL FOREST Is an area with forest covering only with native species (FLONA) RESERVE EXTRATIVISTA Areas used for traditional extrativistas populations that possess the extrativismo as subsistence way. RESERVE OF FAUNA Is a natural area that possesss in its interior native, terrestrial or aquatic, resident or migratory populations of the fauna, adjusted for study technician-scientific on the sustainable economic handling of faunsticos resources.

RESERVE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Is an area that shelters traditional populations. These areas have as subsistence the sustainable systems of exploration of the natural resources. PARTICULAR RESERVE OF the NATURAL PATRIMONY Is a private, recorded area with perpetuity. The objective is to conserve the biological diversity. Well, I wait that the reading of these concepts can have helped to improve its agreement on some of the most important words of the ambient universe.

Intergovernmental Conference

However, concerns with an environment, nor always fizeramparte of the fidgets human beings. They had only acquired consistency when she seobservou that she was necessary to make something to protect it, therefore the same started a' ' reclamar' ' these claims, had come in form of variadostipos of pollution, global heating, effect greenhouse etc., what deixouevidente the necessity of changes in the human behavior, if this quisessemcontinuar existing. In this way, such fidgets had gained importance in sculoXX and to each day it occupies a space each more excellent time in the international reflections dosfruns, in the social movements and medias in virtudedo eminent danger of destruction of the biosfera, affected, mainly, disordered pelaexplorao them natural resources. The movements had been several nessesentido, however, it fits to point out most prominent. In 1948, in the Meeting of the International Union for Conservao of Natureza (IUCN) in Paris, already the necessity was fomented deconservao of the nature the world-wide level (SAINTS, 2003). In the decade of 60, nospases industrialized, the ambient quality started to be preocupaogeneralizada, with a more significant performance of the way technician and with amanifestao of social groups, it wants for the occurrence of accidents, or continuous pelapoluio of the water, the atmosphere and the ground (IT HISSES, s.d.).

In 1968, the Conference Intergovernamental de Especialistassobre the Scientific Bases for Rational Use and Conservation of the Resources dBiosfera or Conference of the Biosfera, organized for UNESCO (Organization dasNaes Joined for the Education, Science and the Culture), the problems ambientaisainda were only dealt with in the scientific aspects to conservation biosferae research in ecology. In this exactly year, the Club of Rome consists (composed for scientists, industrials and politicians) whose objective was to argue to eanalisar the limits of natural dosrecursos the economic growth considering the increasing use (GODOY, 2007). This last, decontrole of the natality placed the possibility, therefore it emphasized the demographic growth as aprincipal cause of the ambient problems.