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Improving Digestion

To have a good practice in digestion is advisable to rest before and after meals. But most recommended are walking after meals. Having a lapse between meals, physical, methodical and regular exercise, cold baths, massages, they contribute much to facilitate digestion. Here I share some tips for having a good digestion: good breathing and the proper mental attitude. They also provide valuable aid to digestion. People with a tendency to delayed digestion should always make their meals at a certain time and refrain from any food among them, even fruit. One meal of the other they must be separated by at least five hours.

More than three meals should not take a day. Just two or three varieties should compose a healthy meal. It is also recommended not to ingest liquids, if not, at least one hour before or two hours after the meal. Good digestion depends also on the good chewing, because the more we grind food, so much less time remains in the stomach. Many people are unaware that he has stomach, except when them feel full too much after eating too much. Now everyone knows that, just as there are easily digestible foods there are difficult to digest food. Let us take as one of the examples frying operations. The digestion of fats processing, at the expense of bile and gastric juice, the initial part of the small intestine.

The degree of digestibility of fat varies widely, both from the point of view of the good or bad functioning of the liver and pancreas. Fat used in frying much hinder digestion, even when the person has a good liver, since the heat breaks down the grease fighting substances that will irritate the stomach, liver and intestines. In the interest of good digestion, must therefore reject both as much as possible, the food that we know are indigestible, especially frying. #more-1895 original author and source of the article