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Green Tea Prevents Diabetes

Healthier and stronger than coffee morning trying many people to get their circulation with one or more cups coffee in swing. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal presents a very healthy alternative to coffee: the green tea. Energy drinks are no serious alternative if the coffee kick is no longer sufficient in the morning. Anyone looking for an enjoyable and above all healthy alternative to coffee, should try it with green tea. This is the unfermented leaves of the tea plant.

Depending on the type of tea the stimulant effect of tea can exceed well of coffee. This is confirmed by the scientist Michael Ristow of the Chair of human nutrition at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. In particular, the type of tea Gyokoro has a particularly stimulating effect. In addition, the green tea is very beneficial to health. So, the polyphenols found in tea have a protective effect against cancer and diabetes. In addition they can capitalize on the function of the brain. Another reason to by To switch to coffee to tea, the author Jan Weiler calls. He expresses in his Verschnabeltassung of coffee consumption theory against the trend, to drink coffee always and everywhere in a paper Cup with drinking lid. However, this is a matter of personal style as a serious argument for or against the tea. More information: news.private-krankenversicherung.de/… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann