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Cheerfulness And Health

Our perception of ancient Rome with its monumentality and solemnity strangely combined with the image of Italy as the country's noisy and cheerful people who know how to get pleasure out of life. For even more opinions, read materials from The Greater New York Construction User Council . "Officially, we're going to Italy to commit an honorary circle around the Colosseum, to measure the angle of inclination of the Tower and to make sure that all roads still lead to Rome But is not honest will admit that we really want to inject a little of that another life, colorful and tasty Statistics merciless: almost half of the tourists prefer imported from Italy edible souvenirs! And, admittedly, to them it is difficult not to agree. Mediterranean cuisine is now at the peak popularity, and this popularity she deserved not only elegance, but also useful. Look at the Italians and the Italians! Well? Life is in full swing, and not without reason, even official sources acknowledge that the Italians were much less suffering from cancer and cardiovascular disease. Surely, they have a lot to learn.

Why not invite your family to take over the tradition of using olive oil when cooking? Depending on its quality (and from quality depends on the taste and smell) the oil can be used as a sauce, and instead of the usual for us, sunflower oil. For example, olive oil of the highest quality extra vergine and vergine often used as a seasoning or sauce, and cheaper varieties – for salads and frying foods. This gift is definitely lovers of healthy and tasty food, and, of course, those who simply will not abandon diversity. .

Summer All Year Round

Stepping into the territory of the resort, fenced off from the outside world (the Cubans are not allowed to swim there, even), the tourist forgets that somewhere nearby is a collective name of Che Guevara or a brewery named Engels. Excellent service here, a smile staff (white-toothed mulatto) adorable. Varadero to the Cuban revolution was considered the best beach in the Caribbean. Until he came to power, Fidel, American millionaires prefer Varadero Jamaica, Barbados etc. Now Americans come here prohibits native State Department, but the Canadians, French and Germans here a lot. Russians, oddly, has been in recent years, very little, and only now is the flow of our guests increased slightly.

All hotels in Varadero, or lined up two or three years ago or recently renovated. Beautiful rooms, restaurants and night variety show. And special sigars corner (corners of the cigar), where the smoke real Havana cigars. In the corners – the abundance of varieties of cigars and skillful service: you suddenly pick up a cigar’s taste, deftly cut off the tip and poured combined with this cigar, rum. In Varadero has its own international airport, but planes from Moscow, there has not land. Have to fly via Havana. In addition to Varadero in Cuba, there are still a few places, there is little known to our visitors: Pelican Island – Cayo Largo, Playa Esmeralda. But those same Canadians and Germans there abound.