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Dental Insurance

How choose a credit of dental insurance what is the sensitivity in your teeth? The sensitivity can be defined as short and sharp pains that come from the exposed dentin (the layer of tissue found between the solid enamel containing the internal pulp). Individuals with sensitive teeth may find that the pain is triggered by foods or drinks hot, cold, acidic or sweet, by rough brushing or even by a breeze of cool air. What causes the sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity is caused by the movement of fluids in small tubes (pores) located in the dentin, which results in irritation of nerves. When power drops the hard enamel of a tooth and the gums have given way, the surface of these small tubes may be exposed, resulting in pain when eating or drinking certain foods, such as ice cream or hot coffee. How common is this condition? Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints that dentists receive from their customers. According to the Association Richmond Hill, one of every five people experiencing sensitivity sometime in his life.

How to avoid tooth sensitivity? Constant and excessive consumption of acidic drinks such as cola or orange juice, can strongly weaken the enamel and put at risk the sensitivity of your teeth. Limit the consumption of drinks and acidic foods can prevent the erosion of this part of your teeth. Dentists determined that conditions such as bulimia nervosa and acid reflux can also be similar erosive effects in the enamel of the teeth. Abrasion can also occur by the aggressive use of toothbrush which leads to greater sensitivity. Note If this is happening you as soon as possible. The dentist can monitor the dental condition and help you fight the sensitivity. How do I do to avoid the pain of sensitive teeth? Use a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth in a circular motion will minimize dental abrasion and thus reduce the sensitivity.

Use a toothpaste that contains an agent against the sensitivity that protect the dentin exposed to block the tubes connected with the nerves can also alleviate pain. Treatments of Office, such as topical agents, can be applied by a dentist to reduce the sensibility. Of course, limit your intake of acidic foods and acidic beverages also is recommended. To find more information about implants dental or dental bleaching, visit our site.