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Eye Health

Do not put off the visit to doctor! 2. The skin around the eye is contracted by the evening, under the makeup, wrinkles are formed. In such cases, top make-up gently apply cream eye, making it smoother, noticeably refresh and smooth out wrinkles. But most importantly – for Eye should be properly looked after. Dryness can be caused by improper care, and, naturally, will be exacerbated when applying makeup. Take a careful choice of funds to make up! Recommended use makeup only with the content of hydrating formulas, for example locherber. 3.

Irritation and inflammation. The most simple remedy: lotions with freshly brewed tea or hard of warm camomile infusion. Lie on a high pillow, close your eyes and put a wrap on top. Time of exposure – to cool gauze soaked in a solution. Then, soak the cheesecloth in the infusion of more and repeat 2-3 times Swiss specialists in conjunction with ophthalmologists have developed a lotion-spray to the eyes with edelweiss, alpine spring water and highly purified soybean lecithin.

Spray to the eyes improves the quality of the tear film for 2-3 hours and softens (and often prevents) the most frequent symptoms eye disease: allergy, inflammation of the eyelids, barley, red conjunctiva, excessive tearing, etc. It can be applied in the presence of makeup! 4. Red eyes and eyelids can help if to wash them with infusion of flowers pharmacy chamomile or linden (1 teaspoon of dried flowers poured a glass of boiling water for 15 minutes and filter through folded in two layers of cheesecloth). 5. The appearance of fine wrinkles around the eyes is useful massage, which protects against premature wrinkles around the eyes and gives a wonderful lifting effect when the regular holding for 3 weeks. 1 / In the evening, after cleansing, take the tips of his fingers a little oil mixture Avocado or jojoba with Patchouli essential oil (1 drop per 5 ml), gently massage the circular muscle of the eye in the direction from inner to outer corner of the eye. If you have read about Donald Sussman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 2 / Then, make lekgie tapping with your fingertips, if you play on drooping eyelids, like the piano. 3/Zakroyte eyes, put on lids bent fingers and try to open my eyes. Sensing the tension, both raised and eyebrow. And finally, most importantly – try to eliminate the causes that lead to the aforementioned defects: lack of sleep, prolonged stress, visual fatigue, and smoking. Take a vitamin complex, more happens in the fresh air, exercise and not skimp on care products for face and skin around the eyes! Choose natural products for skin and eye / face.