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How to handle to equipment of sales multi generational? Problem: I am in charge of a group of sales very varied. We have people from the 25-58 years, some are veteran in the sales and a young group of nascent. What I can make to remove the best thing from each, to achieve the objectives and to maintain motivated them? This problem is a problem very common in the companies nowadays. For the end of the 2010, the Generation and (the generation of the millenium or those born between 1977-1997) will be many more than the Baby Boomers. The equipment of present sales they are made up of a diversity of generations that not only they mean challenges by the diversity of personalities and styles of work, but in its motivations and aspirations. This data testifies that the managers of sales must learn to communicate, to motivate and to retain to his equipment using different styles it stops to obtain the waited for results, where the managemental style of " one size fits all" no longer it works.

According to Jeanne Meister, cofounder of Future Workplace and Co author with Karie Willyerd of " The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop and Keep Tomorrow" s Employees Today (Harper, 2010). " We describe next five things that must consider to assume this New managemental challenge. Most important it is than you understand that the general balance sheet of the labor force is changing. Before in history one had never seen so many generations working together in the labor force. In a difficult economy the traditionalistic ones (been born before the 1946) stay working by more time in their uses. The Baby Boomers (been born between 1946- 1964) and the X&quot Generation; s (been born between 1965-1976) if they have reached not only it, they are in the search of managemental positions and more responsibility.