Summer All Year Round

Stepping into the territory of the resort, fenced off from the outside world (the Cubans are not allowed to swim there, even), the tourist forgets that somewhere nearby is a collective name of Che Guevara or a brewery named Engels. Excellent service here, a smile staff (white-toothed mulatto) adorable. Varadero to the Cuban revolution was considered the best beach in the Caribbean. Until he came to power, Fidel, American millionaires prefer Varadero Jamaica, Barbados etc. Now Americans come here prohibits native State Department, but the Canadians, French and Germans here a lot. Russians, oddly, has been in recent years, very little, and only now is the flow of our guests increased slightly.

All hotels in Varadero, or lined up two or three years ago or recently renovated. Beautiful rooms, restaurants and night variety show. And special sigars corner (corners of the cigar), where the smoke real Havana cigars. In the corners – the abundance of varieties of cigars and skillful service: you suddenly pick up a cigar’s taste, deftly cut off the tip and poured combined with this cigar, rum. In Varadero has its own international airport, but planes from Moscow, there has not land. Have to fly via Havana. In addition to Varadero in Cuba, there are still a few places, there is little known to our visitors: Pelican Island – Cayo Largo, Playa Esmeralda. But those same Canadians and Germans there abound.

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