Strong Salt

As salient Strong Salt mines: ‘ ‘ The freedom is a knife of two gumes: at the same time where it discloses to our superiority and espiritualidade, he is the beginning of ours desregramentos.’ ‘ 4 When the man becomes sociable, it leaves of being guided by the love of itself, that it made it ‘ ‘ to guard for proper conservao’ ‘ , and it acquires the habit of if comparing with excessively, starting to act the proper love in accordance with. Then, thanks to its new way of life vices and passions appear as the envy and the jealousy, that did not exist previously. Morally depraved, the man presents itself in this state, as its bigger executioner, producer and accelerator of males they abate that it. Far from health youth of the nature state, the man is served of the crutches that the society offers to it, that they do not pass of palliative or fragile compensations for the insufficiences in a way to live that proper it chose when was moved away from its origins. Although Rousseau admits the inevitability of if arriving, more early or later, to the state of society, and despite supposed exterior circumstances have contributed this to happen, it does not leave to attribute to the man the responsibility for the acceleration or retardation of this process. Alerting how much to the perigos of if so fast going route to the progress, Rousseau seems to emphasize the necessity of if delaying the perfectioning human, or, at least, the necessity of that the man uses its freedom better, with sights to revert or to reduce the social curses. ‘ ‘ THE FERROS’ ‘ The plea that Rousseau dirige to Mr. Philopolis, criticizing the sped up progress, puts in doubt the current affirmation of that the work is the natural condition for the existence human being, since males as the fatigue and the exhaustion spiritual caused by this activity is the consequncias of the removal of the solitary life, as it orders the nature.

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