The causes of the natural phenomena, what everything happens to the men is governed by an exterior reality to the human and natural world, mysterious, divine, which the priests, the magos, the initiates are only capable to only interpret that still partially. The priests, the religious rituals, the oracles are intermediate points between the human world and the world the holy ghost Many times the estupefacientes effect of determined plants had been used to alliviate pain in some patients. The medicine appeared later in Old Greece with Hipocrates, this ripens at the beginning gaining the character scientific of the Modern Age. But until today folclrico appears spontaneously coexists knowing (folk= people; lore to =saber), that it influences until the patients with pertaining HIV/AIDS the society and for it interacting. On the other hand &#039 exists aculturao process; ' from it influences European, Latin, African and Asian ' ' (Di Stasi, op cit p 40) 1,1) the farmacobotnica the farmacobotnica also its name is known by farmacognosia was created by Seydler in 1815, in its Analecta Pharmacognostica, created the Farmacognosia term to assign the science that studied the substances of natural origin, used in the treatment of diseases.

Nowadays one uses this term to if relating to the substances of vegetal and animal origin, is formed of two words Greeks, namely: Pharmakon, that means drug, medicine, poison and Gnosis: conhedimento. It carries through the morphologic description, botanical identification, physiology and pathology. The study it is of great amplitude and it can be carried through in different 1,2 angles) biodiversity in Brazil biodiversity entirely is not known, therefore it presents an immense complexity more than, esteem itself it existence of 2 million distinct species of plants, animals and microorganism. Brazil presents greater more than vegetal genetic diversity of the world, counting on 55 million species catalogued of a total esteem between 350.000 and 550.000.

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