Roger Chillingsworth

In the way of this wait and for the astonishment of all, engravida Hester and is convicta not to disclose the name of the father of Pearl that, next to it committed the sin of the adultery one. It total is submitted to the shame for having committed adultery against its husband, who supposedly it had died in its trip of England for America. Hester is imprisoned and obliged to use the letter of scarlet color, identifies that it as adulteress. This workmanship allows in them to observe severe quo was the applied punishments the women who committed adultery at that time, since all of insulted it to the city they acquitted and it of a so hostile form, and only defends that it and the aid is reverendo the Dimmesdale, that was the representative of the puritana religion. The puritanismo is a mentality or religious attitude that started early in the history of England with the intention of? to purificar? the Church of England.

Since century 14, a tradition appeared of deep appraises for the Holy Writs and questioning of dogmas and practical of the medieval church, on the basis of the same ones and with the American settling, many had wanted more rigidity in the purificao of the new colony. The husband of Hester, Roger Chillingsworth, observes in silence all humilhante scene that involved its wife, and later with intention medicating the mother and the son, it goes to the same meeting of the it tries to extract the truth of them. When perceiving that Hester will not disclose such secret, it asks for that never it discloses to whom it is its husband, since there nobody wise person who it was. with passing of the time the husband of the carrier of the Scarlet Letter knows and if it becomes friend of Arthur Dimmesdale. Such approach makes with that the doctor sees the Letter ' ' A' ' discovers that reverendo, representative of the Church and God is the pecador, that next to the adulteress had put in the Pearl world.

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