Plastic Molding Under Pressure

Plastic molding pressure is softening plastic to a plastic condition in the heating cylinder cars and the subsequent injection under the applied external pressure, hot melt chilled form. After this injection molding to the next stage, in which the material acquires the desired configuration and the material hardens, and the fixed shape of the product. Plastic molding under pressure necessarily require temperature control cylinder shape, which vary depending on the properties of recyclable plastics and plastic injection mode, which provides products with small operating characteristics. Plastic molding takes place at specialized machines, which consist of the following main components: injection, extrusion, drive and control. Casting plastic on this machine as follows. Plastic granular or powder from the hopper enters the boot part of the heating cylinder, a rotating screw is captured and transported over the cylinder in its transverse part. Further, in molding plastics mother, softened by heat from the external heaters and the heat that is released during its deformation in the coils of a screw. Accumulated in front of the cylinder of the melt during casting plastic screw pushes back – there is pressure in injection molding.

Under pressure that develops in the cylinder closure, movable plate extrusion site moves forward and semiform close. Then plastic molding occurs at a force which develops hydraulic cylinder injection, the screw moves forward and becomes the casting of plastic form. Plastic molding at the stage of finding the form be kept for certain period of time under external pressure. At the end of exposure injection molding pressure nozzle is removed from the form.

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