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What you make to be happy? That attitudes or actions can contribute for its happiness? These are questions that we would adore to know the answers. Of course, the search for the happiness is full of challenges, surprises and upheavals, but we can always act so that walked ours it is rewarded with memorable scenes. In this direction, an efficient action for you if to feel better is good barao. In accordance with Greg Risberg of the Northwestern Medical University School, in Chicago, the physiological benefit I hug of it includes a reduction of the sanguineous pressure and oxygen in the blood. It says that all we have one ‘ ‘ hunger of pele’ ‘ , and we are losing a vital part of our health if we do not hug in them regularly. It affirms that four abraos per day are the minimum to welfare provide and concrete scientific results in the people.

Beyond demonstrating affection, the ones that hug more, seem to remain themselves more healthful. The specialist evidences that the skin is the biggest agency of the sensorial body and if it sub-is stimulated, many people had left to usufruct of the benefits that it can provide. Then you go an invitation here to test the benefits you hug of it. Before leaving house, he gives a fort I hug in its wife, namorada, mother, father or grandmothers. When arriving in the work he hugs one of its colleagues.

In elapsing of the day he finds and he hugs more at least two people. From there, he will be able to evaluate its feelings better. But, if you to desire exactly resulted concrete, will have to assume the commitment to make it at least per 21 days consecutive. To the end, without perceiving she will be a happyer, livened up and admired person. I hug discloses it some messages, as for example, love I you, you I am important for me, I taste to be close to you, I am anxious to pass more time with you etc. I have an old one dictated that he says that the actions speak more than words. Therefore, to take some few minutes of its day to hug the people warmly, will be able to provide rewards to it wonderful. It is not of the type ‘ ‘ heart of pedra’ ‘. Amolea this generous heart that has in its chest and allows that the happiness flows as the blood in the veins. After all of accounts it is as Charles Chaplin said: ‘ ‘ The life is a theater part that does not allow assays. Therefore, it sings, it cries, it dances, it smiles, it hugs and alive intensely, before the curtain if closes and the part finishes without aplausos.’ ‘ Then, it starts I hug to practise it with its wife and will descubrir how much a simple gesture will be able to raise its personal satisfaction, to optimize the relationship and to create memorable moments in the life of the couple. It thinks about this, excellent day and that God blesses in them.

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