National Government

For many years, has left much that say the reality of the administration of health in Venezuela, aspect that must pay close attention a Government being declared Socialist and has the responsibility, guarantee its inhabitants an excellence in healthcare, without discrimination, accessible to all classes, especially the poor who often makes it inaccessible enjoy it. Management services are impressive the patient leave much to say, as well as the operation of public hospitals with major deficiencies. Not surprising therefore, that they constantly give protests before the reality of the service of the administration of the health of the attention of the health centers, hospitals in poor condition, absences of teams medicines and other aspects which leave much to say, the most common causes of health management are: lack of medical supplies. Operating theatres decomposed or in poor state of maintenance, causing infections in patients. Debts and unfulfilled employment commitments by the National Government.

The Government does not comply with the accords agreed with the medical profession and much less salary approvals that they deserve. It is said also, says medical stoppages are manifested due to the negligence of the Government to implement a policy of robust health that is commensurate with the interests of the population. Says that in our reality if there is a medical attention right one can speak of the quality of life of the Venezuelan progressive deterioration, especially in the sector of the population that has less resources, here that can be read in the national press, as the crisis is dramatic and the poor have to ruletear the patient to get an attention medical to allow guarantee life for his family. The irony of all this is that the Constitution is housed in good way to health as a right that we must enjoy all Venezuelans, however the palpable reality is another. A problem in addition serious health management management, specifically in management, administration of public hospitals, they do not have medicines and sufficient equipment to serve the population.

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