Since the ingestion until the elimination of eggs it leads of 2 the 2,5 months (DOHMS, 2008). Figure 3. Biological cycle of the Ascaris lumbricoides. Source: (2009). 2.2.Diagnstico the disgnostic can be made in two ways the physician who more difficult and is delayed, therefore, lead in consideration the symptoms presented for the patient and the labo-ratorial that is the egg research in excrements, for method of the spontaneous sedimentation (DOHMS, 2008). The possibility of diagnosis of Ascaris for the accomplishment of EPF (Examination Parasitolgico de Fezes) for the method of Kato-Katz still exists (MELO et al., 2004).

In the procedure for excrement collection, the patient must be guided to use a clean and dry bottle, to identify it, to write down the schedule of the collection, and the material must be carried the laboratory or then fixed and conserved in refrigerator immediately 4 C. The used fixing are the polivilnico alcohol (for trofozotos) and formol 10% or MIF (mertiolato, iodine and formol) for eggs or cysts. (MELO et al., 2004). The visualization of the adult worms eliminated by vomit is possible also or excrements. (MELO et al., 2004). It is important to identify verminose in question, in order to treat and to prevent parasitic infections, with intention to prevent probable epidemics and formation of new endemic areas (PITTNER et al., 2007). In the leucograma eosinofilia in the cases of ascaridase can be evidenced (MELO et al., 2004).

In the accomplishment of the EPF for laboratorial diagnosis, the method of spontaneous sedimentation, that was described for Lutz in 1919, in Brazil, and standardized can be used for Hoffman, Pons and Janer, in 1934, in Rich Port. Of easy low execution and cus it to you, it is used in the clinical laboratories and inquiries epidemiologists (RASP et al., 2008). In the procedure excrement g is necessary to transfer of 2 the 4, in a bottle of Borrel and to disarrange them in water, with a baton of glass or plastic.

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