Mental Manipulation

When you are working in the achievement of a goal, implies that you are in search of a State or condition that does not possess, that information is probably new to your subconscious mind, then there is a rejection, internally you do not accept the new idea in his life, this can cause us some kind of suffering. However there are techniques to trick our minds, at home there is no time, that is why when we dream sometimes we see conditions of 20 years ago or more, simply because the concept of time is an idea of material life and the conscious mind, to that extent we can leverage that condition to disguise our own conception of reality. If we began to insist on a new State, to affirm with force and desire a condition, then that idea will search for manifest itself, this can prove in the process of hypnosis, where we can induce are certain States, in this way also you can program great things in our life. If we know our true capabilities then the world It will literally be in our hands, that is what have made many people to change their lives and achieve materialize what they both wanted. Then we have several favorable elements to achieve trick our minds and take it right in the direction of our conscious desires, in the book the power to transform our lives of Andrew Corentt you will discover the enormous power of affirmations associated with images that allow you to install all kinds of positive beliefs, through statements can change many thingsseveral people have used these techniques to install non-existent memories in the past and modify the present. Imagination has much power if we know some secrets to exploit its potential, it is necessary that good images are at all times, this causes a change in perception, the power to transform our lives of Andrew Corentt book you will have various techniques for proper viewing, break negative mental patterns and access to your own inner power. The role play involves start performing a theatre of what is desired, at the beginning it seems absurd, others will think that he is crazy, but if we use appropriate strategies then the message will be so shocking to our subconscious mind, which will simply start to believe in that information, then process it and finally create the reality according to what is expected internally. The use of the words is very effective, based on a great repeat new beliefs are going to be accepted, are installed and then they grow, occurs as any process, which takes time, is here in where many are desperate, must insist with patience, faith, courage and determination, finally has to reach the condition you want. We were born to do great things, we have wonderful gifts, we must exploit them and our lives will be filled with blessings.

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