Meet The New Weapon In The Fight Against The Obesity The Plication Gastric

That is the gastric plication? It is a new surgical technique to treat excess weight. This procedure is becoming a very attractive surgery since no cuts to the stomach or intestine and not using staples or any other prosthetic material. Gastric plication, is a relatively simple procedure (in experienced hands), is performed by laparoscopy (i.e. does not exist the need to open the patient), the average duration of surgery takes 60 to 90 minutes, with an overnight hospital stay. This procedure consists in that the gastric capacity, until a gastric reservoir of approximately 100 ml is progressively reduced through sutures (stitching), its normal volume is approximately 1000 ml.

Gastric plication combines the advantages of some traditional such as gastric banding or gastric balloon methods because it is very simple, safe and reversible with the effectiveness of procedures more risks and complicated as the gastric bypass or the gastric sleeve. Compared with the gastric balloon, gastric plication offers a greater weight loss and the ability to be a permanent treatment (the ball has to be withdrawn within six months). Even when this technique is relatively new in our country, already studies and monitoring have been and in patients over 7 years. Which have proven their safety and effectiveness. What are the advantages of this procedure? Does not require cuts in the stomach or small intestine. More economic. Does not require implants. It is REVERSIBLE, since it is not mutilating.

It is less invasive = safer. It is more effective than gastric banding. If you want more information do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you. Receive a warm greeting Dr.

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