Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is very large and impossible to see in its entirety in a single day. We recommend that visitors planning a visit on a plan of that particular visit and extend their time for several days if possible. The color coding on the maps provided by the Museum are excellent for planning, these maps show places and highlights of each Department of the Museum and point out exactly where to find the most famous, such as the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa pieces. The design of the historic Palais du Louvre and its multiple floors can be made more confusing navigation, but the Museum on the other hand is one of the most pleasant museums in Paris for visitors in Europe. (Source: Cardiologist). The exhibitions are very well presented, well tagged and well-lit; the allocation of photography (except the Department of paintings) contributes to the enjoyment of the exhibitions and prevents an unpleasant atmosphere. Departments and the number of rooms are clearly marked with signs in the Guide. The galleries of the (12) sections art and primitive. These are distributed over four floors (low to ground through the second floor) and three wings: Denon (South), Sully (East), and Richelieu (North)..

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