Living With Diabetes

The experience report of a diabetic with the Asclepiadacaesaure, the extract of natural medicinal plant Gymna writing was at the age of 66, because life begins… “, you can still remember the Schlager by Udo Jurgens? You would think this song is written for Hermann Penker. The pensioner suffers since now mellitus, probably triggered by an inflammation in the pancreas, has damaged the its insulin-producing cells to diabetes for 30 years. The retired teacher during this time has tried much, from the classic, as well as from the experience of medicine, but none of it has really convinced him. The Internet helped further and then he found by chance on the Internet, as he again was surfing through the diabetes forums on the net, a note on a plant which promised miracles. It says, with the extract of this plant you can regulate his blood sugar naturally.

Should this be possible”, he wondered, and searched the Internet on a cure, the the active ingredient in this plant contains. And he was looking for because there is a preparation on the market, the Asclepiadacaesaure, the active ingredient of this plant for years, includes in its purest form. Asclepiadacaesaure is from the Gymna in India in the State of Tamilnadu plant, won and appreciated for thousands of years in the treatment of diabetes by Ayurvedic doctors and applied. Is the special feature of Gymnapflanze but what this plant so particular, that international studies have shown that the Asclepiadacaesaure in the Gymna probably has the unique ability to revive-producing cells destroyed insulin or to renew? How can it be that it can regulate blood sugar levels and stimulate the insulin? The answers to these questions can be found in millennia old writings of the ancient Indians, Sinhalese Materia Medica, because there is described the interaction of body, mind and soul. Only if all elements of the people are in line, man is healthy.

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