Intergovernmental Conference

However, concerns with an environment, nor always fizeramparte of the fidgets human beings. They had only acquired consistency when she seobservou that she was necessary to make something to protect it, therefore the same started a' ' reclamar' ' these claims, had come in form of variadostipos of pollution, global heating, effect greenhouse etc., what deixouevidente the necessity of changes in the human behavior, if this quisessemcontinuar existing. In this way, such fidgets had gained importance in sculoXX and to each day it occupies a space each more excellent time in the international reflections dosfruns, in the social movements and medias in virtudedo eminent danger of destruction of the biosfera, affected, mainly, disordered pelaexplorao them natural resources. The movements had been several nessesentido, however, it fits to point out most prominent. In 1948, in the Meeting of the International Union for Conservao of Natureza (IUCN) in Paris, already the necessity was fomented deconservao of the nature the world-wide level (SAINTS, 2003). In the decade of 60, nospases industrialized, the ambient quality started to be preocupaogeneralizada, with a more significant performance of the way technician and with amanifestao of social groups, it wants for the occurrence of accidents, or continuous pelapoluio of the water, the atmosphere and the ground (IT HISSES, s.d.).

In 1968, the Conference Intergovernamental de Especialistassobre the Scientific Bases for Rational Use and Conservation of the Resources dBiosfera or Conference of the Biosfera, organized for UNESCO (Organization dasNaes Joined for the Education, Science and the Culture), the problems ambientaisainda were only dealt with in the scientific aspects to conservation biosferae research in ecology. In this exactly year, the Club of Rome consists (composed for scientists, industrials and politicians) whose objective was to argue to eanalisar the limits of natural dosrecursos the economic growth considering the increasing use (GODOY, 2007). This last, decontrole of the natality placed the possibility, therefore it emphasized the demographic growth as aprincipal cause of the ambient problems.

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