Increase Metabolism

You’ve probably met people who are all day eating and eating and do not rise one gram. The truth is that those people have a kind of divine blessing, the blessing of having a metabolism fast enough. In a nutshell, the metabolism is the process of reactions that are carried out in our body. Metabolism is divided into two processes, the first is the anabolism (growth) and catabolism (destruction). But let us stop complex words and vamos Al grano. How can I increase my metabolism? There are several ways to increase your metabolism. The first of these is physical activity.

The amount and type of physical activity you do is of high influence to be able to speed up your metabolism. Why not any exercise will help, there are special exercises in order to accelerate your body and burn more calories, as e.g. resistance exercises. A resistance routine will help you to turn your body into a machine that burns fat. To know if your metabolism is fast or slow, just get to reflect a little. Think about the meals you make and if upload or not weight. If your body metabolism is slow, then you’ll to gain weight more easily than those with high metabolism. You try to raise your metabolism and you can enjoy your favorite dishes without gaining weight.

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