Human Diseases And Possible Cures

This biological activity has to date not a single natural product in the world. At Perge contains about 240 biologically active substances – protein, sugar, mineral salts, and almost all the vitamins, enzymes, with high antimicrobial properties and biological value, phytohormones, amino acids, as well as a safe anabolic. Minerals: K (40%), Mg (25%), Fe (17%), Ca (17%), vitamins: A, C, P, E. Perga has a good therapeutic effect on anemia. Acceptance of this tool for 2 – 3 weeks will give the opportunity to raise hemoglobin to normal. Perga – an effective tool in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate (Prostatitis), it is recommended for all men 40 – 45 years and older. They should eat daily 5 – 10 grams of ambrosia for the prevention of inflammation and prostate adenoma.

Successfully used this tool for the treatment of impotence. Dose in this If the above 15-30 grams per month. In combination with honey is used for hypertension, as well as in the treatment of other serious diseases, especially the nervous and endocrine systems. It is indispensable to the operations and their aftermath. In addition, ambrosia is recommended for: hepatitis, gastritis, colitis, gastric and duodenal violation of potency, male infertility anemia allergies flu psoriasis, herpes heart attack, stroke neurodermatitis, eczema purgation disorders of cerebral circulation of heart failure alcoholism, drug abuse pregnancy pathology of cranial trauma dementia, memory loss genekologicheskih diseases.

Scientists in the U.S. and other countries believe that the preparations of the pollen can help to eradicate in the near future, many human diseases (American Bee Journal, 1994). Ambrosia pollen and increase the immunobiological properties, improves adaptive capacity, reduce body fatigue. Parchment used in the treatment of colitis, chronic constipation, hepatitis, chronic inflammation of the prostate, impotence, and in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. In recent years, interest in Perge has increased dramatically thanks to its many advantages over the pollen. Especially successfully treated parchment disease associated with diseases mochelovoy areas for men including prostatitis. For preventive purposes it is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons a day. In therapeutic uses the dose increases to 4 teaspoons a day. However, due to the high bioactivity of the parchment is not recommended before bedtime, unless, of course you will not be a night of love. If you have any problems with the acquisition of Perge, contact the author of the article. Dmitry Protasov

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