Human Being

Why the Human being that it in such a way looks for freedom if grasps to the material brain that one day will be gotten rid in the cemetary? If really it wants Freedom has to look for to also develop the brain spiritual that will be functioning beyond the meat body. The beings that form the material body have much that to evolve. Liberte of Born in the kingdom brain 1, Mr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has much experience in this field. Land is rejoiced, is glad the many islands to it. 2 Clouds and encircle it to blackout, justice and judgment is the base of its throne.

Book of the Salmos, CAP. 97:1 and 2. Liberte of the brain, Therefore who doubts In way none emanates the divine flame Of the Love of JESUS. To become free itself of the skull That is the materialized mind, Is the best way to grow in the day. The skull shelters the addition of the personalities With all the vanities and its shunting lines. He gets rid myself of this subconscious mind, Therefore GOD is the mind That takes for front the ascending Spirit.

Liberte of this intelligence Mere human being; That the Spirit abandons When it frees of the body. Costuma to say: Someone is a skull! It is one supinamente intellectual face! It will be that it is, For the part spiritual? Great or small brain of the o biggest prize To who does not want that it is. Einstein had the brain pequenininho! Pequenininho! However, alone, Theory of Relativity Bequeathed us it: E=m.c. Therefore, it takes care! Because substance, Also is Spirit Spread to the Infinite In subtler dimensions.

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