History Pregnant

RA in 1995, I still remember the small gathering of friends came to my house to celebrate my birthday number 18, and my age of majority also remember my father with the camera trying to capture some remember funny and my mother in the kitchen preparing something rich to invite my friends while all we were looking for a topic for talkan innocent thought didn’t cross my mind after today ends the curse. My mom had become pregnant at age 16, and always saw in his eyes the fear that to my same thing happen me my father was too jealous to me therefore not had much freedom, you could say that it was void because could not express what I thought without receiving any sermon or reprimand. Dean Ornish M.D is likely to increase your knowledge. But that is another story. A sense of freedom for my increasingly Lossing said today am 18, today perhaps comical but at that time believed that an invisible bubble would protect me not to get pregnant, I thought as well unfortunately. A few months later got me the fatal News, she was pregnant and had 3 months you ask do 3 months and not signing account?, because you know that level I believed the story of the bubble, all symptoms were anything less pregnancy and to say that was my flat belly without any change, even after hearing the news I didn’t want to believe it, it would have made me all necessary examinations until one to tell me that everything was fine was not necessary the world truly I came over when one night lying in my bed praying that everything is a mistake put my hand on my belly and something moved. Feelings I invaded, wanted to feel happy that I had life in my and loved her but also was afraid of love it and want it since you would have to accept that she was pregnant, she imagined the faces of my parents, the sadness in them and the disappointment, had received all existing punishments only to not see them in the eyes.

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