Happens Love

Your absence your absence, this vacuum mutilated that bare cupboard that bed with your drawn body mold. Your absence, this uninhabited area where resides the loneliness and the boredom of my body out of tune. Your absence, not by expected less painful as my love filled that space between infinity and time between the little and the eternal. And if your absence becomes forgotten my memories?, as the closure so that are forever asleep your absence, surrounds me, I ata, me stringing drowns my voice in a cry of silence breaks my soul, it kills me the penalty. Your absence, if I’ll finally it habre not existed, habre unborn because if that time comes my love Habre dead, I will be expired you what love? You what love? There is no laughter in your mouth your countenance is sad your gaze is broken. You what love? where you are, you are absent you don’t see me, don’t you touch me you don’t have any incentive. You what love? Te veo shot feel you away are afflicted. Tell me love you is happening I’m losing and is killing me.

I don’t know what to do and I ask you for help but you say do not know and that everything is a doubt. Tell me that is not true that you are away, tell me why I am not already part of your life, tell me that it is not true that I’m drowning, tell me why you leave me alone so wound. Tell me my love that I can do to help you, tell me something my love because I despair tell me my love how I can get better because I notice your absence, and without you I die. Original author and source of the article.

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