Gizmo Transit

We do not need to go very far to see, to the living creature and the colors the immense lack of patience that we are living in recent years. It does not matter where, it does not import the schedule with who not even we are or if we are alone; what it prevails is the total lack of health ahead of small situations where it would have to result the understanding, the balance, the education and the will of becoming in them better each day. The transit is an accurate example of what I am speaking. It is very common to see to happen in the day the day, those bothering dissabores that occur for the huge number of cars, that increases the all instant. Without the lesser ceremony people if leave to lead for the pure conscience of that we are the best ones in the transit and any errinho of another driver cause terror and much ugly face. that consumer who stops the stand in the way it market to confer the price in the gondola? This deserves all luck of serious thoughts and questionings of ' ' It finds that she is alone in the market? ' '. In the deep one we are each time more egoistic! But, friends, believe everything this has solution.

You already must have sensible a happiness flashing, one nanosecond of satisfaction when, in the transit, for example, you leave to pass somebody that extends the hand and is thankful to it after that with a fast blast, or, you felt the same satisfaction when she lowered to catch something that has fallen of the hand of somebody, in an unpretentious and sudden attitude of aid and perceived the gratitude in the face of the person. How to draw out this ecstasy of satisfaction and joy? Simple, let us take more attitudes as this and the satisfaction will last more. We enter in this life of a form and I find that we have the improved obligation to leave it. It is clearly that it is not easy, face to all the adversities that afflict in them, but, if we want to improve the things we have that to initiate this revolution of we ourselves inside. We go to use to advantage while we can be gentile, amiable, useful and serving. We go to love more – it is so good, and we definitively go to move away the possibility to have a gizmo. Abraos to all. We are on board.

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