German Freemasons

According to English rites, Scottish and American, Freemasonry is defined as: a system of morality upholstered in allegory and illustrated by symbols. Also defined as a science that deals with the investigation of divine truth. The German Freemasons defined it as: the activity of men United intimately, using symbols taken mainly from the craft masonry and architecture working for the welfare of mankind, seeking moral ennoble Yes and others and through this, reaching a League and universal peace, that aspires to give since then shows in their meetings. Research conducted by Walther, the first article of the Statute of the Grand Orient of Belgium defines Freemasonry as: a cosmopolitan and institution in unceasing progress, which aims at the investigation of the truth and the improvement of humanity. He is founded on freedom and tolerance, not formulated any dogma, or rests on him.

The John Truth mason says: Freemasonry is a universal Association, philanthropic, philosophical and progressive, it seeks to instill in their followers the love of the truth, the study of universal morality, science and arts, sentiments of selflessness and philanthropy and religious tolerance, which tends to extinguish hatreds of race, the antagonisms of nationality, opinions and interests, joining all men by the ties of solidarity and confusing them in tender affection of mutual correspondence. For John Truth, the subject of Freemasonry is: delete among the concerns of caste, the conventional distinctions men of colors, backgrounds, opinions and nationalities, combat fanaticism and superstition, extirpate national hatreds, and with them the origin of war, reach for the progress free and peaceful to formulate the universal and eternal, law according to which each individual must free and comprehensively develop all their faculties and go in all the fullness of his power to the good of all, thus making of humankind a family of brothers bound together by the love, science and work.

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