Georgio Galetto Icare

Commitment Seiko part of its clean energy supports the Icare 2 solar glider project of the University of Stuttgart. Willich, 10.08-2011. From July 23-30 the first FAI held gliding grand final in Germany on Hesse’s highest mountain, the Wasserkuppe Prix. The Faculty of aviation and aerospace engineering the University of Stuttgart seized the opportunity, the project supported by Seiko Icare 2 “, a solar glider powered by solar energy, to present to the public. Invited specialist retailers and journalists had the opportunity not only of the Icare 2 project “to inform, but experienced exciting competitions and the fascination of gliding up close as they went with an experienced pilot in the air. Because many manufacturers on the Wasserkuppe presented their gliders on July 29, the visitors could go with many presented models up close.

Also the solar aircraft Icare 2 “, with a wing area of 25 square meters and a weight of 200 kilograms, was issued. The Aircraft was easily built; Icare 2 can “respond to light thermal and combined motor/thermalling makes possible. With its battery charged by solar energy can Icare 2 “directly to a height of 1200 m AGL rise unaided to the start of another aircraft. At the end of the exciting competitions, Prix champion Georgio Galetto from Italy and the second were freshly baked FAI Grand and Drittplatzierten Sebastian presented nails (Germany) and Peter Hartmann (Austria) at the award ceremony Seiko pilot chronograph as prizes. Seiko feels the Icare 2 project connected, because the Japanese company even long on solar technology and developed advanced caliber. The new solar Flieger Chronograph by Seiko underlines this cooperation. With the eco-friendly timepieces, pilot scale slide rule and others can calculate usual multiplications, divisions, the flight speed and fuel consumption.

In addition the Chronographs have a stop function by up to 60 Minutes in 1/5 second increments. The alarm can also be used as display a second time zone. Is measured with the stop watch how many seconds are required to get back a mile or a mile, it measures the hourly rate of a process.

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