1 2.20 EPHESIANS: Os builds on the foundations of the Apostles and prophets 2. Romans 11.13: Because you speak, gentiles whereas I am Apostle to the gentiles. God levanto Pablo. 3 Facts 11.13: Conversion of greeting (note) Saulo belonged to the religion of the Pharisees. ACTS 26: 4-5 4.

1.1 GAL: Paul Apostle (not from men nor by man, if not for the resurrected Jesus Christ.) 5 GAL 1.11.24: More you do know brothers who announced Gospel because I, do not is according to man, since I received it nor learned from any man, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ. 6 I CORINTHIANS 3.10.11: According to the grace of God that I been ah given, I as an expert architect put the Foundation and another builds above but each look as it sobreedifica, because nobody can put other Foundation than that this post, which is Jesus Christ. 7 1.6.10 GALATIANS: There is no other Gospel; Paul warns says; If even we, or an angel from heaven I advertises another different Gospel of q I have announced, or anathema (accursed) Paul knew that the devil could disguise themselves as Angel Luz. 8 II CORINTHIANS 11.13.15: Because these are counterfeit fraudulent working-class Apostles, transforming themselves into the Apostles of Christ, and it is not wonder, because the same Satan disguises herself as an angel of light. 9 FILIP. 3.7.8: Paul declaring here of everything he had learned and earned his Pharisaic religion had him by trash, to win to Christ. 10.

FILIP. 3.17: Says: Sed imitators of me (example) Paul received revelation realized that had been misled in his Pharisaic religion with two more creeds, traditions, and we also dismiss these false teachings, which are commandments of man. 11. TIM i 4.1: Filled with the Holy Spirit Paul said: that apostataran by faith listening to deceivers spirits and doctrines of demons, for example:-they say that God is three persons, when the Bible says that God is one.

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